Golden Snitch

As promised, the Harry Potter Party Plans are back! Today, I will share my Golden Snitch. I relied heavily on a tutorial from  JaydeLinn(Megan) on DeivantArt. This was a really easy project and the hardest part was finding the right type of plastic fern leaf and waiting for things to dry.

Golden Snitch Supplies

I used 1.5 in. wooden balls, they are round with only a tiny flat spot on the bottom. I sketched my design to start and then traced that using Metallic Paint in Gold from Art-C. This comes in a little tube and is dimensional. The hardest part was not sticking my fingers in the wet paint, which I did, repeatedly.  Since I couldn’t stop smudging things I took to just painting part of the ball and then letting that dry. Since I am so impatient this was the really the hardest part of the whole project.

Up close

I gave my lines two coats of paint and then let them dry overnight. Now came the gold leaf! If you can believe it I actually had this in my craft stash, it is probably been there for 20 years but hey I used some! That will teach my Hubby to stop complaining about my stash hoarding. When you use gold leaf you should use the corresponding Gold Leaf Adhesive. Since I had some of this from when I purchased the original gold leaf I started with this. I gave my snitch a good coat of adhesive, which promptly was absorbed into the unfinished wood.

Covered with gold leaf

Well, this wouldn’t do at all. I gave the wooden ball a coat of Glossy Modge Podge and let that sealed the wood and adhered the leaf that sort of stuck to the dimensional paint. I let this dry and then gave another coat and applied my gold leaf. This was the trick. The gold leaf stuck right on there. Now, I am not sure how this will hold up in the long run but for a party, in three months I think that it will work. I gave the ball another coat and made sure that the whole thing was leafed, leaved? Then, I let everything dry and then gave it one final coat. I think that it worked out just perfect.

Spray painted wing

Now, on to the wings. This was another challenge that I had not foreseen with this project, finding just the right fern to provide the wings. It took five stops to finally find just what I needed. I trimmed off one edge of the ferns and then trimmed down the remaining leaves into the shape I wanted. I freehanded this and just kind of went for it with these and they turned out just like I wanted. To cut the second wing I just laid the first on top and cut them so they would be roughly the same shape. Once they were trimmed and cut to size they needed to be turned gold. I used a small can of gold spray paint and gave these babies two coats. If I had to do it again I might have given them a coat of Plastic Primer first but so far the gold seems to be sticking.

Golden Snitch created by Jennifer Miner

Now, I had all my parts and they just needed to be assembled. I used my Dremel and a small drill bit to drill two small holes at an angle on the ball. Again, not too much measuring or preplanning on these I just drilled and then checked the depth until I had it just right. I glued my wings in place using E6000.  Once again, I set my Snitch aside to dry.

Getting ready to fly – Golden Snitch by Jennifer Miner

While I was waiting, I was thinking about how to display my new treasure for the party. Initially, I thought that I would add a small loop screw at the top to hang it but something about that just wasn’t working for me. I came up with a snitch stand! I bought an unfinished wood candlestick, gave it a couple coats of Iridescent Bronze Acrylic Paint and “poof” I had a fancy little stand for my snitch. This way I can have it resting on a table where the kids can see and touch it.

Harry Potter Party Supplies

Super fun project and it is so cute. I think that this will be a big hit at the party. I hope you are enjoying the party plans.

Harry Potter Quiddich Golden Snitch


  • 1.5 in. Wooden Ball
  • Dimensional Paint or Dimensional Fabric Paint
  • Gold Leaf
  • Gold Leaf Adhesive/Modge Podge
  • Plastic Fern
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Wooden Candlestick
  • Iridescent Bronze Acrylic Paint – Liquitex
  • You usual craft supplies –  sissors, paint brush, that sort of thing



Fiber Friday – Crochet Along

Happy Friday!

Taking a short posting break from the world of Harry Potter today, just here on the blog, the work is fast and furious in the workshop. Today, I am going to share a crochet project that I have started. I have never done a Crochet-A-Long (CAL) or Kint-A-Long or anything “along” before which is what makes this so much fun. This particular CAL I am following is the Creative Crochet Workshop Crochet A Block 2017. I will fully admit that the thing that drew me to this project were the colors.  Since I don’t know what this will look like at the end but I just love the colors.

We are a month in and I have completed all four blocks. Nothing has been blocked yet so they are a little wonky but my blocking board is currently being used as a chess board.  The examples were done with a very nice looking DK weight yarn called Elle Pullskein, but this is hard to find here in the US. I had a bit of Rose Shocking yarn left from my giant granny blanket so I choose the Vanna’s Choice Worster Weight for this project.

Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand Yarn

  • Dark Grey Heather
  • Silver Heather
  • Rose Shocking
  • Aquamarine

Here is my take on Block One – Spiked Flower Granny Square

Spiked Flower Granny Square

Block Two – Spiked Row Granny Square

Spiked Row Granny Square

Block Three – Split Granny Square


Split Granny Square

Block Four – Four Square Granny Square

Four Square Granny Square

I am still not totally sold on the Split Square but I figure I can always leave it out at the end if I really don’t like it.

Crochet-A-Long 2017 – January

I will try to share these as I go along. This has been really fun so far. One area that this is helping me in is the process of sewing in ends. That is not one of my favorite tasks and I often am left with hundreds to do at the end of a project. These blocks work up fast and there is nothing else after so I can sew those babies in now.

Crochet A Block Afghan 2017

That is all for tonight! Harry Potter Party will resume soon. Projects that are upcoming are the Monter Book of Monsters, Golden Snitch, Cornish Pixies, and a Nimbus 2000.




Harry Potter Always Stag Canvas

Things are cracking along here at Harry Potter Central! I think that at first, I was a little nervous because I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull some of these projects off. Now, I know that I have a long way to go I have been having a blast with everything.

Today’s project is a canvas. I wanted to create some HP inspired art projects for the house, most things will be inspired by props in the books/movies but I wanted a few pieces of “fan art. ” I love Harry’s stag Patronus image and Always hold a special place for me. While my daughter is a Harry Potter fan, her mom might be the bigger fan.

Harry Potter inspired Always Canvas

This project began with an11 in. x 14 in. white canvas. I painted the galaxy background first, I used black, blue, purple, and pink craft acrylics. I applied the paint kind of randomly and then used a sea sponge to blend the colors. This technique requires working in small areas, this way none of my paint dries before blending. Once I was happy with the first coat, I let it dry. Then I came back with more of the same colors and added white. I tried to keep the white in a “path.” Again each paint application was blended with the sponge and then allowed to dry. I took my canvas outside and splattered some white acrylic paint to simulate stars. Now, I let the paint fully dry.

Created by Jennifer Miner

While my paint was drying, I create the stencil I used for the stag. I started with this deer and the used the Silhouette Design Studio® to create the Deathly Hallows symbol.  I then added the “Always.”

“Always” created with Silhouette Cameo, Double-Sided Adhesive, and glitter

Have you ever purchase a tool or supply and then sort of forgotten it, well maybe not totally forgot but perhaps let it sit in a drawer for just the right project? The “Always” was created with a tool I sort of forgot that I had, Double-Sided Adhesive from Silhouette America. I bought this knowing that I would totally use it and then didn’t have the right project for it; until today! I cut the word from the adhesive and applied it to my canvas. The adhesive went on the canvas like a champ. I then added the gold glitter. This stuff worked way better than I could have imagined. The glitter is even and really stuck on there.

Stag Patronus with Deathly Hallows

Now, it was time to add my stag. To begin, I cut out a stencil using adhesive vinyl.

Harry Potter Inspired Fan Art

When I went to apply my stencil to the canvas, it was a total wrestling match. It wouldn’t stick at all, well except to itself. I finally got it on, part of the shape had stretched and warped. I used a few little scraps of vinyl to get it down and back into the shape I needed. I used the Modge Podge Technique that is normally used on wood to apply my paint. This means that I gave the stencil a coat of Modge Podge prior to painting. This helps get the stencil to stick down and if there is any seepage it should be the clear Modge Podge and not the paint. This helped a ton, although a little paint did still get through, it could have been much worse.  I used a round sponge brush to add the silver acrylic paint.

HP Party Art

When I pulled up the stencil I could see a little paint seepage. It wasn’t terrible but I knew that it would bother me if I left it. I used black and blue acrylic paint to touch up the stag. I did a couple light coats of the paint to try and match the background.

Harry Potter Always Canvas

Overall, I am happy with the way this turned out. This was really fun to create. Thank you for joining me today and I hope that you are inspired to take on your own Patronus!


  • 11×14 Stretched Canvas
  • Acrylic Paints
    • Black
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • White
    • Silver
  • Sea Sponge
  • Modge Podge
  • Adhesive Vinyl
  • Double-Sided Adhesive
  • Gold Glitter

Harry Potter Gryffindor Knit Scarf

As I mentioned in my previous post, the preparations for the Harry Potter Party have officially begun. Today’s project is the knit scarf I created for our porch staging. I would really love to knit one for each of the kiddos but I just don’t think that I could whip up 15 of these in time.


  • Vanna’s Choice Yarn
    • Cranberry (2.5 skeins)
    • Mustard (2 skeins)
  • Circular Knitting Needles
    • US 8 – 16″ circular needles
Pattern by Alison Hansel Knit by Jennifer Miner

There are a ton of scarf patterns for the Hogwarts House Scarves but I used the one written by Lauren Kent that is in her book Charmed Knits. Alison recommended Cascade 220 yarn but I don’t have a close yarn store anymore and I know that this will go to my daughter after the party so I decided to go with something washable and inexpensive. I picked withVanna’s Choice by Lion Brand, which I was able to pick up immediately, not to mention it was even on sale.

Hand knit scarf.

I used Cranberry and Mustard and used 2.5 skeins of Cranberry and 2 of the Mustard. The scarf has 19 bands of color and I did make the larger pattern.

1-2 Year Gryffindor Scarf

This is a very simple pattern and is knit in one big tube and then you add the tassels at the end.  I used Knitter’s Pride US 8 – 16″ circular needles. It worked up into a nice tight stitch and being doubled this is one warm scarf. The recommended size for Vanna’s Choice Yarn is a US 9, but this was so nice and snug.

Vanna’s Choice Acrylic Yarn in Cranberry and Mustard

As a side note, the trunk in the photos is one that my mother refinished when she was a little girl. It currently houses some crafty overflow and I am planning on adding it to the porch for the party. It is one of my favorite inherited pieces.

Close-up Gryffindor Scarf

The scarf measures just under 80″ including the tassels. The pattern is well written and easy to follow.

There is so much to do but I am really having a blast! I have more signs in the works and am looking forward to working with my new scroll saw.  In my research, I signed up for an account over on Pottermore and took the test to determine my house, I was put into Ravenclaw. I may need to make one of these for myself in my house colors. It is a little silly but still fun. Thanks for stopping by!


It has begun . .

Hogwarts Express Sign – Harry Potter Party


Alright, it is official, we are hosting a Harry Potter themed Birthday Party for my daughter. The generally insanity will begin, now. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. I have been doing a lot of research and Pinning and we are already underway. In fact, there is a pair of Quidditch goggles on their way to my mailbox as we speak. I would normally do all of the party work and then share with you afterward but since this will be taking up a lot of my time there would be no way to keep up non-HP posts as well. This means that you are along for the ride. My advice id buckle-up!

So, our first project for the Harry Potter party will be a Hogwarts Express sign.

Here is the image that I was working with. I have seen a few of these done with foam core but I really wanted mine to be out of wood. Off to the hardware store. I purchase a piece of wood, I had them cut it for me at the store. It is 8 in. x 22 in. , well just under 8 in. I also purchase two pieces of trim, usually used for molding or other home accents.

Hogwarts Express – Stage 1

Here is my plank in all its glory. I gave it a good sanding and I was ready to get started.

Hogwarts Express – Step 2

Now that I was ready, I gave my board a coat of black acrylic paint.

Hogwarts Express Step 3

Here you can see my paint after it dried. I like that you can still see the wood grain.

Hogwarts Express – Step 4

Now we started with the burgundy paint. I used a few different shades to get just the right color. It is funny because when this paint is wet it almost looks pink.

Hogwarts Express – Step 5

I probably gave this thing about 10 coats of paint.

Hogwarts Express – Step 5

Here is the final color.

Hogwarts Express – Step 6

Now I created my design in my Silhouette CAMEO® Software.  The I cut my vinyl to use as a stencil.

Hogwarts Express – Step 7

Here it is, this is what it looks like when it is just cut.

Hogwarts Express – Step 8

You can see that I had my blade a little too deep and it cut through the backing, this isn’t really a big issue since I will be taking that off in a moment.

Hogwarts Express – Step 9

Then I applied a piece of Transfer Tape. I really use my scraper to be sure that the Transfer Tape adhered to all of those little pieces. I don’t want to loose the middle of a letter.

Hogwarts Express – Step 10

First remove the backing, then panic as you place it on the wood. Just kidding, sort of. I usually try to cut my vinyl to the size of my project so that everything lines up from my work in the software. That Align/Center Tool is my best friend.

Hogwarts Express – Step 11

Again, I am keeping that scraper tool handy. I really burnished the stencil down. Getting a good seal keeps the paint from oozing under the vinyl.

Hogwarts Express – Step 12

Paint away! I started with a very light coat of white on my lettering. My rationale was that the white would help the gold pop. I used very thin coats of paint. When I applied the 9 3/4 circle I learned that my “3/4” was too thin. It just wouldn’t apply correctly, so I shifted gears and left those off, to be corrected later. After the first coat of white, I gave the lettering several layers of gold acrylic paint and the circle got off-white/beige. Then get so excited that you forget to take photos. I recut the “3/4” in the circle and painted those pack on after my circle had dried. I also added a little ring of black paint around the circle.

After paint

Here is the sign after I touched up the paint. I had a little seepage, not terrible but it had to be fixed.

Hogwarts Express – Step 13

Next, I needed to create the logo. I went back and forth a bit on the best way to do it but I settled on printing and Modge Podge. So I found a Hogwarts Crest online and brought into my Silhouette CAMEO® and used the Trace feature to create cut lines around my shape, This took forever but it worked. Here is the logo printed out ready to be cut.

Hogwarts Express – Step 14

I glued down my cut logo and then gave it a tiny bit of paint. There were a few places that I touched up and then the gold paint looked so good that I lightly painted over the crest. It was at this point that I began to question my plan to use Modge Podge. I was worried that my ink would smear and I’ll admit I can never get out the paint lined in it. so I went ahead and gave the whole thing a coat of matte spray varnish. Then I gave it about five more coats.

Well, nothing was smearing but I was worried that the paper wouldn’t stay in place so I broke down and gave it a few coats of Modge Podge. Then I gave the whole thing two more coats of varnish. This helped with the way the Modge Podge looked and it is better then the crest falling off.

Hogwarts Express – Step 15

Next, I cut my molding. We used a Mitter Box to cut the angles and pre-drilled the holes for the nails to keep the trim from splitting. I say we because my husband wanted to help me.

Hogwarts Express – Step 16

A few coats of gold paint and a light wash with Burnt Umber, to bring out the design.

Hogwarts Express Sign – Completed

Here it is, all done. I painted the edges gold and also gave the nail heads a coat.  Everything got a coat of varnish and I will only need to add hook-eyes in the top to hang on the porch.




Winter Moose Birthday Card

Today’s card is a Winter Birthday card featuring a moose. This card is for my brother whose birthday is fast approaching. It was fun to make something that is “man friendly.” I will be sharing this card with this week’s Simon Says Stamp Challenges, Winter Birthday and Be  Square. I also have a video for you.


Birthday Card by Jennifer Miner

I started with a piece of 5 in.  x 5 in. white cardstock, and using a scrap of paper with a circle punched out I inked the moon with Scattered Straw and Worn Lipstick Distress Ink. I then used the negative to cover my moon so I could ink the rest of the card.

Next, I stamped the moose using VersaMark and Tuxedo Black Memento Ink. I then heat embossed the moose with clear embossing powder. The embossing powder protects the moose from smudging or getting any additional ink on him.

Winter Birthday Card

I then stamped the trees using Memento Ink, then using a scrap of copy paper I created a mask for the snow mounds. I randomly tore the paper and then using the stamps as a guide inked the mounds of snow using Shaded Lilac Distress Ink. Next, I  covered the snow with the copy paper so that I would be able to ink the sky.

Moonlit Moose

Then I created the sky using Shaded Lilac, Tumbled Glass, Broken China, and Faded Jeans Distress Inks. Once I was happy with my sky, I removed the masks and added a little snow with a white Gel Pen.  I also added a shadow under my moose with by drawing with Weathered Wood Distress Marker and then softening the ink with an Aqua Pen. Since I wasn’t using watercolor paper I quickly removed the excess water with a paper towel and then heat gun.

Created by Jennifer Miner

I trimmed my stamped panel to 4 in. x 4 in. and stamped the sentiments. Then I  added the gold and navy cardstock background. I thought I was done but it was just missing something. You guessed it, glitter! I added Crystal Stickles on the moon and the mounds of snow. Then I also added a little White Pearl Liquid Pearl on my snowflakes. That was just what this card needed and made it feel more like night. I can almost see my breath by the moonlight. Well, maybe not but the glitter really completed it.

Distress Ink Background

I think that my brother will really like this card – thank you for stopping by to check it out.


Stamps: Lovely as a Tree & Pines (Retired) – Stampin’ Up & Saying Stuff – Tim Holtz for Stampers Annonymous

Paper: Neenah Solar White, Marigold Morning – Stampin’ Up, Navy – Unknown

Ink: Scattered Straw, Worn Lipstick, Tumbled Glass, Broken China, Faded Jeans, Black Soot, & Shaded Lilac Distress Ink – Ranger, Tuxedo Black Memento & VersaMark – Tsukineko

Other: Crystal Stickles – Ranger, White Pearl Liquid Pearls – Ranger, 1 1/4 in. Circle Punch – Stampin’ Up, White Gelly Roll Pen – Sakura



Large Koma Ornament

Happy Sunday Night. I thought that I would share a quick post with you all tonight. I had a request for a large koma ornament. If you missed my previous post about these Japanese ornaments you can view that here.  They are really easy to make and could be any color you want.

When I started making these a few years ago, I made a large one for my parents. Most of my koma are made with a base of 6″x2″ and the previous ornament and the one I am sharing today are made with a base of 9″x3″. The only request for this koma was that it should be the same size as my large one and that the colors feature high contrast. Below I have posted two diagrams, the top diagram shows the size and scoring for a small (my normal size koma) and the bottom diagram shows the same for a large koma, like this one.

Dimensions for a small koma

I should point out that these are not to scale but just to help you if you create your own.

Diagram for a large koma

Here is what I came with. . . .

Created with cardboard, embroidery floss, beads, and glue.

This was so much fun. I was able to get started on this when my daughter’s school had a delayed start; she got to sleep in and I got to craft.

Silver & Blue Koma

I used DMC Embroidery Floss in the following colors:

  • 823 – Dark Navy Blue
  • 995 – Dark Electric Blue
  • 996 – Medium Electric Blue
  • S762 – Silver Cloud (Satin Embroidery Floss)

The Satin Floss can be a bit of a challenge to work with because the strands separate and it is really slippery. I made one tassel with it and it was a fight! It was totally worth it because it looks so great on the ornament. I really like the way the colors work together.

By Jennifer Miner

I purchased a hank of Czech Beads at my local store for the tassels and added iridescent seed beads in between each of the Czech beads. I was pretty surprised how quickly this ornament worked up.

Large & small koma

Above you can see how the two sizes look in comparison. As you can see, the larger one is much larger.

Beading & tassels

I am really looking forward to getting this ornament to its new owner, I think that they will be pleased. I am still hacking away on the same cereal box and I think that I’ll get a few more out of it before it is all said and done. As always, thanks for stopping by!





Copper Feather Merci Card


I so thought that I would be able to get this post up last night but I am forever underestimating the time that it takes to create videos. No worries though I am up and rolling this morning with a new card. I needed a few thank you cards and this was what I came up with!

Copper Feather Thank You card by Jennifer Miner

I will admit that I am a copper fan when it comes to metallics. I mean gold and silver are nice but I really love copper. For those of you that would like to watch the video here you are.


Stamps from Papertrey Ink

I started this card by stamping the “Merci.” This is from the Think Big Favorites #3 Mini Stamp Set. I love this font and I use it a lot. Since I was making a few of these (7) I used my MISTI which helped everything go quickly. I stamped with PTI True Black Ink and then heat embossed a few with Zing Black Glitter Finish Embossing Powder. For some reason, the embossing powder wasn’t really popping on the sentiment so I  left it off the rest. It just didn’t really add anything.

Copper & Feathers

Next, I stamped the large feather, this is from the Feather Finery Stamp Set, also from Papertrey Ink. I again used my MISTI and inked using VersaMark then heat embossed using Zing Glitter Finish in Copper Embossing Powder. This is a great embossing powder, it just really created the pop I was looking for. Then I stamped the additional four feathers using VersaMark and the regular Metallic Copper Zing Powder.

Stamps from PTI

I then added the circle stamps. These are also from the Feather Finery set and I used the large and small circles, stamped with VersaMark and heat embossed using the Gold Metallic Zing Powder.

Feathered Finery & Think Big Favs #3

I then added glitter dots using Stickle in Copper and Platinum. The last step on the stamped panel was to add the sequins. I added two gold and one silver.

Created by Jennifer Miner

I then started work on the card base. As usual, I started with Neenah Solar White base and scored it, then I used metallic copper washi tape in the front to create the background. It took just under two rolls of the tape to make seven cards. Now, normally I don’t like products that shed glitter, and this washi tape sheds a lot, but I still went with it since the overall look is awesome! Next, I mounted the stamped panel onto a piece of metallic copper cardstock and then that was added to the base using pop dots.

Copper Feather Merci Cards

That was it! I just love the feathers in copper and the variety of metallics were som much fun to work with. Thanks for stopping by!


Stamps: Feathered Finery & Think Big Favorites #3 Mini Stamp Set – Papertrey Ink

Ink: VersaMark – Tsukineko & True Black – Papertrey Ink

Embossing Powders – Glitter Finish Black, Glitter Finish Copper, and Metallic Copper Zing Embossing Powder – American Crafts

Paper: Neenah Solar White & Brushed Copper Cardstock – Stampin’ Up (retired)

Other: Platinum & Copper Stickles – Ranger, Gold & Silver Sequins – The Paper Source, Copper Glitter Tape – Recollections

The Tower House


It is a chilly day here in Colorado and it is only going to get colder in the next few days. That’s okay with me, that means more time to craft.

I mentioned that I could see myself getting addicted to the Tim Holtz Villages. well, the inevitable is in progress. Today I am sharing my second house, I am calling this one the Tower House. I saw this amazing house on Pinterest and knew I needed to make a tower.

Tim Holtz Sizzix Village House by Jennifer Miner

This little house with round tower was so much fun to create.  There were little scraps of paper everywhere in my studio as I cut and recut and trimmed and “Frankensteined”  parts together. I did a bit of research but I really just had an idea rattling around in my head of a tower with weathered copper roof and everything else grew from there.

The Tower House by Jennifer Miner

I started with the tower, which was created using the bell tower die. Next, I cut two roofs and two side walls and adhered them together to create an eight-sided top. I then cut the base to match. The siding was created with strips of cardstock colored with Distress Ink and then cut again with the die. The roof was created with color sprays and clear embossing powder. The bricks were the negatives from the windows. I now have a little baggie of house parts, just in case.

Front elevation for the Tower House

For the house, I used the Village Dwelling Die for the main house and then added the front from the from the Village Manor. I moved the main entrance from the side to the end of the house. I also added the dormer windows from the Village Bungalow.

Side View – Tower House

The roof was colored with Distress Stain and I used Distress Ink on the window frames.

There is a floor in there!

I used my Silhouette Studio Software and Silhouette Cameo to create the window frames for the tower. I also added acetate behind the windows and then I added a floor in the tower before adhering it to the “stone” portion.

Front of the Tower House

The door was created in the same manner as the roof but without the embossing powder. I used a paper punch to make the door knobs and then gave them a dot of Glossy Accents. The front window is also from the Village Manor Die and was colored with Distress Inks and the center also has a coat of Glossy Accents.

View from the top

I really had a lot of fun building this little house. This time I even created a mock-up version before I started to be sure that my ideas would work. I can see a few places where I should have taken a little more time but I am definitely learning with every house.

My little Tower House – a paper creation

This little door was created using the door die and extra scraps. I then gave it a coat of Distress Stain and then a coat Indian Summer Glimmer Glaze. I added a little brad and then glued it to my tower.

Copper Roof – Tower House by Jennifer Miner


Dies: Village Dwelling, Village Manor, Village Bell Tower, Village Bungalow, & Village Rooftops – Tim Holtz for Sizzix & Silhouette Cameo

Ink: Milled Lavender, Old Paper, Black Soot, Weathered Wood, Frayed Burlap, Peacock Feathers, Pumice Stone, & Gathered Twigs Distress Ink – Ranger, VersaMark – Tsukineko

Paper: Neenah Solar White & Basic Black – Stampin’ Up

Other: Vintage Photo & Weathered Wood Distress Stain, Pumice Stone & Gathered Twigs – Distress Markers, Indian Summer Glimmer Glaze – Tattered Angels, Black Velvet & Teal Color Shine Heidi Swapp, Dragonfly Glimmer Mist –  Tattered Angels



Double the Love Crochet Blanket

Happy New Year! Today is the last day of school vacation, while I am glad that we will be getting back into our routine I will be sad to miss these wonderful days we have been able to spend with family and friends.

Crochet Blanket

Today, I will be sharing a very quick and simple crochet blanket. I saw a hooded and smaller version of this blanket on the Make & Do Crew blog (here) and knew that I needed to create one. This blanket was made with Lion Brand’s Pound of Love Yarn and the trimmed with Vanna’s Choice. I used the same colors as the pattern Oxford Gray for the Pound of Love and Rose Shocking from Vanna’s Choice for the trim. You could use whatever colors and really whatever yarn you wanted. Basically, this is a very large granny square.

Giant Granny Square

I knew that I didn’t want to add a hood to this and I thought that one skein of the main color would be enough, but alas no. This project required a late night run to the craft store. I used two full skeins of the Pound of Love yarn for the main body of the blanket. I ended up with just a tiny little ball of extra. Once I started on this project it became clear that this needed to be a larger blanket, one that an adult would be comfortable under.

Single Crochet border

Once I had the blanket completed, I added a single crochet border in the Rose Shocking, as directed in the pattern. I really considered adding a more complex border but decided to keep it simple.

Nothing says love like hot pink tassels

I then added the hot pink tassels on the four corners. I love these fat tassels, I think that they give a nice character to the blanket. This was a great project for watching football. It is easy and doesn’t require counting or complex patterns. Another fun aspect was that since I worked with huge balls of yarn I only had six ends to sew in! After my last afghan, this was a joy!

Crafted by Jennifer Miner

We will keep this blanket for ourselves and I am sure that it will get used lots.

Double Love Crochet Blanket

I have never worked with the Pound of Love yarn before and while it is a very economical yarn, I found it to be easy to work with and it was soft in my hands.

Up close

Once again, while I was attempting to photograph this blanket, I had some assistance. Jax again had to get in on the action.

Jax the crochet tester.

That is it for today! I hope that you are ready for a wonderful year and I am looking forward to sharing lots of new projects with you!



  • Pound of Love in Oxford Gray (2 skeins)
  • Vanna’s Choice in Rose Shocking (1 Skein)
  • Size J/10 Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard to make the tassels