Back again!

Howdy Readers –

So, it seems as if my life ate a whole month of my life. It sounds strange and maybe I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who but I could swear it hasn’t been a month since I posted last. Alas, here I look and it has between illness, holidays, and general life craziness I have completely neglected my blog. Sad days, lucky me it isn’t a plant of something alive.

I have been working on the ridiculous¬†Afghan situation and I am happy to report that I have finally completed #4 of the 5 I need to get finished before Christmas. I really can’t show you a whole photo of it since the person who will be receiving it visits here. I will give you a tiny sneak peak. Once it has made its way to the recipient I will post a full host of photos here.

December Afghan – Sneak Peek

While I was engaging in my favorite non-active pastime, ie Pinterest I came across the most amazing Tim Holtz Halloween Village in a Lantern. Seriously, check this baby out. Naturally, I decided that I needed to create my own. Thus commenced a crazy search for a large metal lantern. I was lucky enough to track one down the week before Halloween that has spiderweb details, lights and a motor that will spin a witch or bats. This was originally a pretty pricey lantern, $70 but it was 70% off and I had another 15% off coupon – a steal for $18!!

My Halloween village will have three houses and has actually been coming around great. I wish that I had thought about this earlier because I am sure I could have found some bargains on Halloween miniatures. I am debating showing it to you in-progress or just waiting until it is done. Right now I am leaning toward waiting but I may change my mind so keep an eye out.

We will be starting our Christmas cards and possibly holiday cookies around here soon so more to come on that and we went a little crazy with our Hary Potter Themed Trunk-or-Treat including some custom magic books. I will share the books and more photos in the next post.

Basically, what I am saying here is I haven’t forgotten you and while my online presence has been pretty¬†quiet thinks have been brewing here. More soon!!

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