Belle Inspired Toothpick Doll

Hi guys, still totally under the weather here. I actually think that I have managed to get two colds back to back. I just read an article on the New York Times that said that you can get two cold viruses and that they can combine in your body to create new and different viruses. Pretty sure that is what is going on in my body. I just feel like there are viruses recombining in there somewhere. It stinks and I hope that none of you have this. But enough biology nonsense, on to the post.

Today’s lesson is:

1770’s fashion = BIG Hair

I have another little toothpick doll for you. This little lady took me three weeks from start to finish and this is actually the third incarnation of this doll. I started on this doll twice before and each time there was an epic failure moment where things went so far off track I had to totally start over.  So,  I am so glad that I finally have something for you. This doll was inspired by Claire Hummel like the Snow White doll. Claire’s work is amazing and you can see it here.  Claire narrowed down the actual time frame for the Disney Beauty and the Beast to the 1770s. I really tried to make the dress as close to her illustration as I could. I went a little different on the hair because I really wanted something with  more volume and more in the style of Marie Antoinette.

Belle from the 1770's Toothpick Doll by Jennifer Miner
Belle from the 1770’s Toothpick Doll by Jennifer Miner

I actually did research on how you create those sky-high hairstyles and used those techniques to create my coif. The hair is my favorite part of this little lady. I used curled “ratted” embroidery floss to create the underlying structure for her hairstyle.

"Be our Guest"
“Be our Guest”

I have not made a skirt this wide before and doing a full overskirt was a real challenge. The lower skirt sashing was a first as well. It goes without saying that this is also the biggest hair I have ever made. I really kind of want to make more big hair. It was really fun.

Sky-high hair on a toothpick doll
Sky-high hair on a toothpick doll

I am still not where I want to be on these little dolls and I can see where I have mistakes. This little lady took three weeks to complete. While that sounds like a ton of time, and it is, I have to set her aside to dry and then there are always other projects around here. On a side note, remember this card? There are little micro beads rolling about my desk and studio. There is even one in the above photo.

I made a very quick little video during the creation which you can see below. Now, I wish I had taken more photos but I hope you enjoy it!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!


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