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Harry Potter Gryffindor Knit Scarf

As I mentioned in my previous post, the preparations for the Harry Potter Party have officially begun. Today’s project is the knit scarf I created for our porch staging. I would really love to knit one for each of the kiddos but I just don’t think that I could whip up 15 of these in time.


  • Vanna’s Choice Yarn
    • Cranberry (2.5 skeins)
    • Mustard (2 skeins)
  • Circular Knitting Needles
    • US 8 – 16″ circular needles
Pattern by Alison Hansel Knit by Jennifer Miner

There are a ton of scarf patterns for the Hogwarts House Scarves but I used the one written by Lauren Kent that is in her book Charmed Knits. Alison recommended Cascade 220 yarn but I don’t have a close yarn store anymore and I know that this will go to my daughter after the party so I decided to go with something washable and inexpensive. I picked withVanna’s Choice by Lion Brand, which I was able to pick up immediately, not to mention it was even on sale.

Hand knit scarf.

I used Cranberry and Mustard and used 2.5 skeins of Cranberry and 2 of the Mustard. The scarf has 19 bands of color and I did make the larger pattern.

1-2 Year Gryffindor Scarf

This is a very simple pattern and is knit in one big tube and then you add the tassels at the end.  I used Knitter’s Pride US 8 – 16″ circular needles. It worked up into a nice tight stitch and being doubled this is one warm scarf. The recommended size for Vanna’s Choice Yarn is a US 9, but this was so nice and snug.

Vanna’s Choice Acrylic Yarn in Cranberry and Mustard

As a side note, the trunk in the photos is one that my mother refinished when she was a little girl. It currently houses some crafty overflow and I am planning on adding it to the porch for the party. It is one of my favorite inherited pieces.

Close-up Gryffindor Scarf

The scarf measures just under 80″ including the tassels. The pattern is well written and easy to follow.

There is so much to do but I am really having a blast! I have more signs in the works and am looking forward to working with my new scroll saw.  In my research, I signed up for an account over on Pottermore and took the test to determine my house, I was put into Ravenclaw. I may need to make one of these for myself in my house colors. It is a little silly but still fun. Thanks for stopping by!


Knitting & Stamped Tag


Well, the good news is that I am not dead, although there were a few moments in the last week that I wasn’t really sure. My cold turned into an ear infection and has just been miserable. I feel like I am finally on the mend, albeit totally behind in everything!

Today, I will be sharing a knit hat that I made for a commission along with a cute stamped tag containing the yarn particulars.

Swirl Hat knit with Cloudborn Superwash Sock Twist Handpaints

I really like this pattern and the actual swirl is pretty easy to remember. It is very easy to make a mistake on the pattern, especially when you are getting started. This happened to me twice and required a total restart. Once you have an inch or so it is much easier to follow along and if/when you make a mistake it is easier to fix it.


Close-up of the swirls – Cloudborn in You Better Belize

The pattern is available for free, which is great. You can find it via Ravlery here. I used two double pointed knitting needles in size 2, versus magic loop or double pointed needles.I am still a little new to this technique and sometimes I feel like I have too much in my hands but I feel like the end results are much nicer than I get with double pointed needles.

Swirl Hat pattern by Mandie Harrington. Yarn from Cloudborn.

I purchased the yarn online and while I usually prefer to feel it I was really pleased with the yarn and the color. This is a hand painted yarn and it is just beautiful. It is a pretty thin yarn, categorized as Fingering  Weight. I wanted the hat to be light and soft and this just fits the bill perfectly.

Long tail cast-on knitting

I used the long tail cast-on method as I find that it gives a cleaner edge, for me. When I do a traditional cast-on I often make my stitches too tight which can make that first row difficult to knit. I haven’t had that kind of problem with the long tail cast-on.

Gift Tag – stamps from Mama Elephant & My Sentiments Exactly

To create my gift tag, I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the tag shape and I used the Pen Holder and a fine Sharpie Pen to write the yarn information on the back.

Yarn information

I used the font SF Melissa purchased from the Silhouette Online Store. Once I “wrote” the information I cut the tag shape out with the Cameo. Then I just had to stamp it. I stamped the three sheep from the Mama Elephant Stamp Set Carnival Cupcakes using Memento Ink. Starting with  the center sheep first and then I used a post-it note to mask her and then stamped the other two. I colored these in using a variety of colored pencils.

Knit for You! – Knitting & Stamping

I then used my MISTI Tool to stamp the words using the Celtic Lowercase Alphabet from My Sentiments Exactly. The MISTI made this so easy. I have tons of alphabets that rarely get used because lining everything up into a word always looked “off.” Not anymore. I love this tool. (PS – I am not sponsored by them and I purchased mine at full price it is just that awesome). It isn’t totally perfect but I was in a bit of a hurry but it is still way better than I have ever been able to create with a normal block.  I added an eyelet and tied a length of yarn through it and we were all set!

I am very happy to be sending this little baby on to its new owner. Thanks for stopping by!

Knit for You Tag

Paper: Sahara Sand – Stampin’ Up

Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black

Stamps: Carnival Cupcakes – Mama Elephant & Celtic Lowercase – My Sentiments Exactly

Other: Vintage Eyelet – Making Memories, Misc. Colored Pencils, Silhouette Cameo


Cloudborn Superwash Sock Twist Handpaints in You Better Belize, Fingering Weight


Knit Teddy Bears

Happy Monday!

I can finally share with you these two little knit bears I made since they have both been delivered to their babies! It just so happens that we had two family/friend babies arriving around the same time. I usually try to make something when I give a baby gift. I have done a few knit or crocheted blankets, a few hats, and even knit baby uggs. I really didn’t have too much time and I needed two gifts so I decided to try something totally new for me and knit teddy bears.


I found a pattern on called Oso Cute Bears, in a previous incarnation of the pattern it was called Softee Bear. I used the yarn from the pattern, Bernat Pipsqeak in Baby Blue. For the two bears I used three balls of yarn with a tiny bit left over.


Overall, the pattern was pretty straight forward and I really had a lot of fun. There was one section of the pattern that was a little confusing (and not just to me) and this was for the head gusset. The wording is a little confusing and I could tell from the comments that a few people had problems.

The area of confusion is this sentence: “Beg with a knit row, proceed in stocking st, inc1 at each end of 9th row and following 6th rows until there are 13 sts.”

Here is how I worked this:

Begin with a knit row, work stocking stitch for 8 rows. Beginning with Row 9 increase one stitch at the end of each row. Continue for 6 rows, there should now be 13 stitches.


If you are working on a bear I hope this helps. It seemed to work for me and I really think that is what they wanted you to do. If I were to create this again I think that I would maybe make the arms a little thinner. One of my bears has clearly been hitting the gym and that is maybe not what I want in a teddy bear. My one other issue, was that the necks were a little floppy. I added a ribbon to help stabilize them but there is still a little too much flopping.


One part of the creation that gave me a little trouble was stitching on the eyes and nose. The pattern shows a mouth too but I just stuck with mouth and nose. I used DMC Pearl Cotton thread. I gave it a few attempts and just had to stop with these since I was sure if I ripped anything else out I was going to have to start over on the whole bear.


Anyway, I was overall pretty happy with these little bears and they were soooooo soft that I was forced to cuddle with them a little before handing them over to the babies.

In addition to my bears today, I have also posted a super speed video I made when I was painting my octopus rock. It is just the first part of the creation process but I thought that it was fun. You can see the video below.

It has already been a whirlwind week and it is only Monday afternoon!! I hope you have a wonderful day.



Yarn disaster aka reading is fundamental


Today I am sharing a non-stamping/card project. I started working on a knitting project that I need to finish in time for a birthday. It took me forever to decided on the yarn and then I couldn’t find it locally so I had to order it. I also had to get new circular needles since I didn’t have any this large. I was ready to get to knitting. I opened the PDF that contained my pattern, read it and got to work. I was rocking on this baby as this is a pretty simple project with bulky yarn. As I went along I kept thinking to my self, “Wow this is taking a lot of yarn and it is so heavy. I am going to have to order more yarn and it will never match the dye lot.” I shook off my doubt and continued to work and things just weren’t feeling right. I finally broke down and reread my instructions, and disaster!! My pattern stated that you could use bulky yarn or two stands of worsted weight yarn together. In my haste I read that I should hold two strands of my bulky yarn together. Yep, that’s no good.  If you fiber craft I am sure that you know what that means. . . . .

Starting over. Yarn-disaster.
Starting over. Yarn-disaster.

I had to frog the whole thing and start all over. I guess that the good news is that things are going much better this time. Go figure, right? This project is a hooded cowl and I am using Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in Earth. This is the first time I have worked with this yarn and so far, I am liking it. I am sure that there are some fiber elitist out there that would shudder at the use of this but all the nicer, all wool yarns were crazy expensive. I even had trouble finding bulky yarn in a green that I could get enough skeins in and nothing at all locally. The really big factor was looking at $20 a skein versus $5. That is huge when you need six skeins. In a perfect world I would only use really nice yarn but until that day this is working just fine.

Cowl in-progress
Cowl in-progress

Here you can see some of the seed stitch. I am hopeful that I will be able to get this done in time, perhaps I should get back to that. More progress photos to come. Perhaps next time I will slow down and be sure to fully read the directions, I make no promises. Have a safe week!