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Knit Blanket – Super Bulky Yarn

As we are cruising into 2018, I am bringing you the end of my Christmas presents. I made five afghans/blankets this year and this is the final one. This is the only blanket that was knit! This blanket uses Bernat Blanket Yarn which is a Super Bulky yarn which was also a little out of my wheelhouse. I loved working with this yarn, it is so soft. I also really like how the colors worked up on it.

Thick and so very soft

I used a very basic stitch:

Row One: Purl 3 stitches, Knit to last three and Purl last 3

Row 2: Knit 3 St, Purl to last three stitches and Knit last 3 stitches

Repeat rows one and two until blanket is desired length.

This pattern keeps those edges from curling.

Look at all that smoochy goodness

This was perfect for working on when my kiddo was in dance class. I could carry on a conversation and not make a mistake. This is always a plus for me. People really responded to this blanket, tons of adults and kiddos just had to touch it. It is so soft. The yarn can be a little tough to work with as the blanket got heavier but nothing that would keep me from working with it again. In fact, I have been eyeing the yarn sales . . .  I say this knowing that I have two afghans ready to work. Perhaps I should complete those first.

Easy knit blanket with Bernat Blanket Yarn

Anyway, I loved this blanket and it would be a great beginner project.  I did try out something a little more complicated and I felt like the yarn and color sort of ate the pattern. Becuase of the thickness the pattern didn’t really show up and it was hard to see the stitches.

Knit blanket featuring Bernat yarn

I hope that you all had a wonderful New Year and that you are rocking those projects.

Knit Blanket – Super Bulky Yarn

Harry Potter Gryffindor Knit Scarf

As I mentioned in my previous post, the preparations for the Harry Potter Party have officially begun. Today’s project is the knit scarf I created for our porch staging. I would really love to knit one for each of the kiddos but I just don’t think that I could whip up 15 of these in time.


  • Vanna’s Choice Yarn
    • Cranberry (2.5 skeins)
    • Mustard (2 skeins)
  • Circular Knitting Needles
    • US 8 – 16″ circular needles
Pattern by Alison Hansel Knit by Jennifer Miner

There are a ton of scarf patterns for the Hogwarts House Scarves but I used the one written by Lauren Kent that is in her book Charmed Knits. Alison recommended Cascade 220 yarn but I don’t have a close yarn store anymore and I know that this will go to my daughter after the party so I decided to go with something washable and inexpensive. I picked withVanna’s Choice by Lion Brand, which I was able to pick up immediately, not to mention it was even on sale.

Hand knit scarf.

I used Cranberry and Mustard and used 2.5 skeins of Cranberry and 2 of the Mustard. The scarf has 19 bands of color and I did make the larger pattern.

1-2 Year Gryffindor Scarf

This is a very simple pattern and is knit in one big tube and then you add the tassels at the end.  I used Knitter’s Pride US 8 – 16″ circular needles. It worked up into a nice tight stitch and being doubled this is one warm scarf. The recommended size for Vanna’s Choice Yarn is a US 9, but this was so nice and snug.

Vanna’s Choice Acrylic Yarn in Cranberry and Mustard

As a side note, the trunk in the photos is one that my mother refinished when she was a little girl. It currently houses some crafty overflow and I am planning on adding it to the porch for the party. It is one of my favorite inherited pieces.

Close-up Gryffindor Scarf

The scarf measures just under 80″ including the tassels. The pattern is well written and easy to follow.

There is so much to do but I am really having a blast! I have more signs in the works and am looking forward to working with my new scroll saw.  In my research, I signed up for an account over on Pottermore and took the test to determine my house, I was put into Ravenclaw. I may need to make one of these for myself in my house colors. It is a little silly but still fun. Thanks for stopping by!


Knitting & Stamped Tag


Well, the good news is that I am not dead, although there were a few moments in the last week that I wasn’t really sure. My cold turned into an ear infection and has just been miserable. I feel like I am finally on the mend, albeit totally behind in everything!

Today, I will be sharing a knit hat that I made for a commission along with a cute stamped tag containing the yarn particulars.

Swirl Hat knit with Cloudborn Superwash Sock Twist Handpaints

I really like this pattern and the actual swirl is pretty easy to remember. It is very easy to make a mistake on the pattern, especially when you are getting started. This happened to me twice and required a total restart. Once you have an inch or so it is much easier to follow along and if/when you make a mistake it is easier to fix it.


Close-up of the swirls – Cloudborn in You Better Belize

The pattern is available for free, which is great. You can find it via Ravlery here. I used two double pointed knitting needles in size 2, versus magic loop or double pointed needles.I am still a little new to this technique and sometimes I feel like I have too much in my hands but I feel like the end results are much nicer than I get with double pointed needles.

Swirl Hat pattern by Mandie Harrington. Yarn from Cloudborn.

I purchased the yarn online and while I usually prefer to feel it I was really pleased with the yarn and the color. This is a hand painted yarn and it is just beautiful. It is a pretty thin yarn, categorized as Fingering  Weight. I wanted the hat to be light and soft and this just fits the bill perfectly.

Long tail cast-on knitting

I used the long tail cast-on method as I find that it gives a cleaner edge, for me. When I do a traditional cast-on I often make my stitches too tight which can make that first row difficult to knit. I haven’t had that kind of problem with the long tail cast-on.

Gift Tag – stamps from Mama Elephant & My Sentiments Exactly

To create my gift tag, I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the tag shape and I used the Pen Holder and a fine Sharpie Pen to write the yarn information on the back.

Yarn information

I used the font SF Melissa purchased from the Silhouette Online Store. Once I “wrote” the information I cut the tag shape out with the Cameo. Then I just had to stamp it. I stamped the three sheep from the Mama Elephant Stamp Set Carnival Cupcakes using Memento Ink. Starting with  the center sheep first and then I used a post-it note to mask her and then stamped the other two. I colored these in using a variety of colored pencils.

Knit for You! – Knitting & Stamping

I then used my MISTI Tool to stamp the words using the Celtic Lowercase Alphabet from My Sentiments Exactly. The MISTI made this so easy. I have tons of alphabets that rarely get used because lining everything up into a word always looked “off.” Not anymore. I love this tool. (PS – I am not sponsored by them and I purchased mine at full price it is just that awesome). It isn’t totally perfect but I was in a bit of a hurry but it is still way better than I have ever been able to create with a normal block.  I added an eyelet and tied a length of yarn through it and we were all set!

I am very happy to be sending this little baby on to its new owner. Thanks for stopping by!

Knit for You Tag

Paper: Sahara Sand – Stampin’ Up

Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black

Stamps: Carnival Cupcakes – Mama Elephant & Celtic Lowercase – My Sentiments Exactly

Other: Vintage Eyelet – Making Memories, Misc. Colored Pencils, Silhouette Cameo


Cloudborn Superwash Sock Twist Handpaints in You Better Belize, Fingering Weight


Knit Teddy Bears

Happy Monday!

I can finally share with you these two little knit bears I made since they have both been delivered to their babies! It just so happens that we had two family/friend babies arriving around the same time. I usually try to make something when I give a baby gift. I have done a few knit or crocheted blankets, a few hats, and even knit baby uggs. I really didn’t have too much time and I needed two gifts so I decided to try something totally new for me and knit teddy bears.


I found a pattern on called Oso Cute Bears, in a previous incarnation of the pattern it was called Softee Bear. I used the yarn from the pattern, Bernat Pipsqeak in Baby Blue. For the two bears I used three balls of yarn with a tiny bit left over.


Overall, the pattern was pretty straight forward and I really had a lot of fun. There was one section of the pattern that was a little confusing (and not just to me) and this was for the head gusset. The wording is a little confusing and I could tell from the comments that a few people had problems.

The area of confusion is this sentence: “Beg with a knit row, proceed in stocking st, inc1 at each end of 9th row and following 6th rows until there are 13 sts.”

Here is how I worked this:

Begin with a knit row, work stocking stitch for 8 rows. Beginning with Row 9 increase one stitch at the end of each row. Continue for 6 rows, there should now be 13 stitches.


If you are working on a bear I hope this helps. It seemed to work for me and I really think that is what they wanted you to do. If I were to create this again I think that I would maybe make the arms a little thinner. One of my bears has clearly been hitting the gym and that is maybe not what I want in a teddy bear. My one other issue, was that the necks were a little floppy. I added a ribbon to help stabilize them but there is still a little too much flopping.


One part of the creation that gave me a little trouble was stitching on the eyes and nose. The pattern shows a mouth too but I just stuck with mouth and nose. I used DMC Pearl Cotton thread. I gave it a few attempts and just had to stop with these since I was sure if I ripped anything else out I was going to have to start over on the whole bear.


Anyway, I was overall pretty happy with these little bears and they were soooooo soft that I was forced to cuddle with them a little before handing them over to the babies.

In addition to my bears today, I have also posted a super speed video I made when I was painting my octopus rock. It is just the first part of the creation process but I thought that it was fun. You can see the video below.

It has already been a whirlwind week and it is only Monday afternoon!! I hope you have a wonderful day.



Yarn disaster aka reading is fundamental


Today I am sharing a non-stamping/card project. I started working on a knitting project that I need to finish in time for a birthday. It took me forever to decided on the yarn and then I couldn’t find it locally so I had to order it. I also had to get new circular needles since I didn’t have any this large. I was ready to get to knitting. I opened the PDF that contained my pattern, read it and got to work. I was rocking on this baby as this is a pretty simple project with bulky yarn. As I went along I kept thinking to my self, “Wow this is taking a lot of yarn and it is so heavy. I am going to have to order more yarn and it will never match the dye lot.” I shook off my doubt and continued to work and things just weren’t feeling right. I finally broke down and reread my instructions, and disaster!! My pattern stated that you could use bulky yarn or two stands of worsted weight yarn together. In my haste I read that I should hold two strands of my bulky yarn together. Yep, that’s no good.  If you fiber craft I am sure that you know what that means. . . . .

Starting over. Yarn-disaster.
Starting over. Yarn-disaster.

I had to frog the whole thing and start all over. I guess that the good news is that things are going much better this time. Go figure, right? This project is a hooded cowl and I am using Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in Earth. This is the first time I have worked with this yarn and so far, I am liking it. I am sure that there are some fiber elitist out there that would shudder at the use of this but all the nicer, all wool yarns were crazy expensive. I even had trouble finding bulky yarn in a green that I could get enough skeins in and nothing at all locally. The really big factor was looking at $20 a skein versus $5. That is huge when you need six skeins. In a perfect world I would only use really nice yarn but until that day this is working just fine.

Cowl in-progress
Cowl in-progress

Here you can see some of the seed stitch. I am hopeful that I will be able to get this done in time, perhaps I should get back to that. More progress photos to come. Perhaps next time I will slow down and be sure to fully read the directions, I make no promises. Have a safe week!