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Finally a Quilt!


I was greeted by a rainy stormy day this morning. It is nice for creating and I really love rainy days. It has been Halloween central around here. I finished my daughter’s Halloween costume and have two of four parts of my costume just about done.

Today, I am sharing my latest quilt. This baby has been an interesting ride. The piecing went very well but you may remember I had major issues with my sewing machine when I got to the free-motion quilting.  I am still fighting with my machine and although the repair center said that they couldn’t find anything wrong with it I know that something isn’t exactly right.

Quilt CC-8

The pattern for this quilt is from Jo-Ann Fabric and it is called the Cotton Candy Quilt.  As you can see in the sample they used different fabric then I choose. They used the Eivu Bundle from Fabric Central and I went with the Misciano Bundle, also by Fabric Central. This is a  reasonably price brand (especially when on sale or if you have coupons) but I think that it will fade more over time.  At my first washing I was surprised to have noticeable fading.  The prints on all of the Fabric Central lines are darling and even with the fading I would use it again. In fact, I am looking at this pattern next.

Quilt CC-7

The quilt is made up of half-square triangles. I really want to be a better quilter/sewer and so I try very hard to take my time sewing and cutting fabric but I always seem to have mistakes and inaccuracies. Having said that I love quilting and while I am not that good I shall do enjoy making quilts.  I like the colors in this quilt and I always enjoy half-square triangles.

Quilt CC-6

Once I had finished the squares and sewed them all together I found that I had a lot of fabric leftover, so I added the pieced pattern border around the squares and then the second border in the white. This make the quilt a bit bigger and I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough fabric for the backing and then wouldn’t be able to find the fabric again. I had my husband, the engineer, help me determine if I had enough and how to put my backing together. He said I was okay and so I pressed on.

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like having a lot of fabric leftover. Depending on what it is I feel like I have trouble using it or finding something to make with it so I am constantly adding bits to my quilt and then having to run out last minute to get even more fabric. I do this a lot when I knit or crochet too and then run all over town trying to find “just one more skein.” On this quilt everything worked out so I was happy to have made the additions, no last minute shopping required.

Quilt CC-5

Once I had my top done I cut the fabric for the backing. It ended up being a central square with triangles on each side. I don’t have a good place to layout my quilt and so I actually ended up assembling it on my dining room table, a little bit at a time. This felt like it took forever but I had much better results then where I was working on the floor. I get way too much help in my house from the four-legged members and so the table actually worked better for this smaller sized quilt.

I recently found out that you can sew your batting together with a zigzag stitch. I was so excited to give it a try as I had a ton of batting just sitting around. You have to be careful not to pull or stretch the two pieces of batting but it worked great, until I discovered that I had made an error somewhere! My backing and batting were about 3 inches too short. I had worked to hard to get where I was and with the rest of the quilt already pined I decided that I would channel Tim Gunn – and I would “Make it Work!”

Quilt CC-3

I rolled up the pined quilt portion grabbed another scrap of batting, cut it and sewed it to the raw inner edge. I folded back the backing and quilt top and was very careful not to get them pulled up into the sewing area. I went slowly and it turned out great. I then did the same thing with the backing fabric and to my great surprise, it worked. Even if this isn’t the best quilt in the world I was so happy to be able to work around my mistake that it is one of my favorites.

Every time I quilt or sew, I learn new things and get better. This one taught me to keep trying. I could have easily walked away and given up but working through taught me to take a chance and trust myself. I lost nothing by trying something and it paid off.

Quilt CC-2

It was a hard fight to get the FMQ to come out okay. The first half of the quilt was just about perfect and then something changed and I couldn’t tell you what. It started looping on the bottom of the fabric and then started skipping stitches. I sent my sewing machine in for repair and they couldn’t find anything wrong. So I fought some more when it came back and the rest is okay. I sewed on my binding and called it a day.

I am still endeavoring to determine what is wrong  with my machine and after Halloween I will get on that issue. All in all, I am happy with this little quilt and while I thought that it might be a gift, I have decided that we will keep it here.

Quilt CC-1

Thank you for stopping by today and I will get more cards up later this week! I will also be sharing my daughter’s Halloween costume.