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Hogwarts House Banners

Hi Everyone!

Back again today with more Harry Potter love. Today I will be sharing our latest creation, Hogwarts House Banners! My plan is to have these hanging in our hallway as the kiddos enter. These were pretty easy to create using my Silhouette Cameo and some felt. So, let’s get started!

Harry Potter House Banners

To begin, I purchase felt from my local craft store. This is not from the precut squares but by the roll. I purchased half of a yard of each of my colors, burgundy, yellow, green, and blue, this gave me a little more than I needed but I will use the extra for another project. In addition, I also bought three spools of 1/4 in. ribbon in silver, yellow, and black.

“Felt glorious felt”
1/4 Ribbon

I trimmed by felt into 15 in. by 19 in. squares and trimmed the bottom by cutting out a 3.5-inch tall triangle.

Black cut felt

To do this, I measured to the center of the banner and then up 3.5 inches and folded my rectangle in half and cut the points. Once I had the first one done I used it as a guide for the others. Since I am using felt for these there is no need to seam!

Cutting the bottom – Measure

Once I had the first one done I used it as a guide for the others. Since I am using felt for these there is no need to seam!

Cutting the bottom
Bottom cut

Now on to the design portion of our banners. This was really the hardest and most time-consuming part. I really wanted to used printable heat transfer material to print our house logos and then iron that onto my banner. However, I was unable to find what I was looking for in a high enough resolution to print at 12 inches tall. I looked and looked and looked and I couldn’t find what I was wanting.  I finally gave in and realized that I need to go simpler. So, I decided to create a shield and cut out the animal sigil for each house out of the center. It was back to the internet where I found just the right shapes. I will confess that the Hufflepuff is my favorite!

Gryffindor design in Silhouette Software

Now that I had my designs created it was time to cut these out. I made sure to reverse my designs so the would be the way I designed when ironed on. Really for these designs, it wouldn’t really matter which way the animals faced, but it is always good to remember to flip.

Be sure to flip that design prior to cutting

I used Cricut iron-on material for this project. This was my first time using that particular brand and I have to say I was impressed. It was easy to cut and I had no trouble cutting it with my Silhouette Cameo, even without a cutting mat. At this point, I had my sigils all cut-out and ready to go.

Ribbon glued in place (I actually ironed on the sigil first, just pretend it isn’t there)

I broke out the sewing machine and sewed the double ribbon edgings to my banners. I used Aleene’s Tack Glue to glue them in place and once they were dry I just ran a stitch down the edges. This was a little trickier than I had thought but I think that they are okay.

Back of the iron-on transfer – after weeding

Next, I ironed on my shields. This Cricut Iron-On Vinyl was so easy to work with and adhered like a charm. One word of caution when using an iron on felt, be very careful as high temps can melt the felt. This is eco-felt and it seemed to be a little more sensitive to heat. As long as I kept moving my iron everything seemed fine and the iron on went down very easily.

Ready for ironing
After ironing and removing the carrier sheet

Almost complete! To complete the banners, I folded over the top edge of my banner and sewed a little tube. This created a pocket for my  .3 inch dowel rod, which was cut to 16 inches.

Pinned dowel pocket
Completed banner on dowels with caps

Now, I really liked them at this point but they needed something more! I found some wooden dowel caps and using wood glue added them to the ends. They were just the look the banners were calling for. I really think that these are going to look great and I had enough felt left over that I will have plenty to make my bunting! I may still paint the dowel caps but for now, they will stay plain.

Ravenclaw Banner – Harry Potter Party
Hufflepuff Banner – Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party – Slytherin Banner

You can totally whip these babies up! For a sewing project, they are pretty forgiving and you could always use glue for the ribbons and top closure if you really didn’t want to sew. I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial!


  • Felt (9×15 per banner)
  • 1/4 inch ribbon
  • Cricut Iron-on material (I used Foil Gold, Foil Chrome, and Black)
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • .3 Dowel Rod (1/2 per banner)
  • 1 inch 3/8 inch Dowel Cap (2 per banner)
  • Thread
  • Wood Glue
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • String/Thread to hang



Cornish Pixies


Things have been a little crazy around these parts. In addition to neglecting my blog, I have totally been AWOL on house cleaning/cooking/everything else! I have been plugging away at our Harry Potter Party plans in addition to Valentine’s Day preparations. I didn’t want to share anything until I had some finished projects to share with you all and everything was just taking so long. The good news is that I finally have a project so have no fear the Cornish Pixies are here!

Shhhhh . . . .they are watching me!

I purchase a pattern on Etsy (here) to create Cornish Pixies. I had a devil of a time finding the right color of suede cloth and then ended up getting way too much of the blue and then my lighter color was way too purple to make two colored pixies. So, they are going to be one color and I will have to find something to make out of the remaining suede cloth. I am planning on adding wings but they seemed like they wanted to be introduced first.

Five little Pixies all in a row.

I have never really made anything like this before and I will admit that the process was a little bit intimidating. Turning the antenna covers was particular challenging. In the end, all the blood (actual blood), sweat, tears, blisters, and cursing was totally worth it. While they are far from perfect, the pattern was fun and very well written with lots of photos. Once I made the first one the others were much easier.  Now, I will have to be on the look out for a little bird cage for them. I have already purchased one for Hedwig but she clearly cannot share with these little mischief makers!

Plush Jointed Cornish Pixie

My studio area is a huge mess – it looks like a mad scientist has been plying his trade in here. I am working on potion bottles and they are seriously everywhere! In fact, I had to move all my sewing supplies into the dining room area to work on these guys. I am having so very much fun with this party!

Resting Cornish Pixies!

Thanks for popping by! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Finally a Quilt!


I was greeted by a rainy stormy day this morning. It is nice for creating and I really love rainy days. It has been Halloween central around here. I finished my daughter’s Halloween costume and have two of four parts of my costume just about done.

Today, I am sharing my latest quilt. This baby has been an interesting ride. The piecing went very well but you may remember I had major issues with my sewing machine when I got to the free-motion quilting.  I am still fighting with my machine and although the repair center said that they couldn’t find anything wrong with it I know that something isn’t exactly right.

Quilt CC-8

The pattern for this quilt is from Jo-Ann Fabric and it is called the Cotton Candy Quilt.  As you can see in the sample they used different fabric then I choose. They used the Eivu Bundle from Fabric Central and I went with the Misciano Bundle, also by Fabric Central. This is a  reasonably price brand (especially when on sale or if you have coupons) but I think that it will fade more over time.  At my first washing I was surprised to have noticeable fading.  The prints on all of the Fabric Central lines are darling and even with the fading I would use it again. In fact, I am looking at this pattern next.

Quilt CC-7

The quilt is made up of half-square triangles. I really want to be a better quilter/sewer and so I try very hard to take my time sewing and cutting fabric but I always seem to have mistakes and inaccuracies. Having said that I love quilting and while I am not that good I shall do enjoy making quilts.  I like the colors in this quilt and I always enjoy half-square triangles.

Quilt CC-6

Once I had finished the squares and sewed them all together I found that I had a lot of fabric leftover, so I added the pieced pattern border around the squares and then the second border in the white. This make the quilt a bit bigger and I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough fabric for the backing and then wouldn’t be able to find the fabric again. I had my husband, the engineer, help me determine if I had enough and how to put my backing together. He said I was okay and so I pressed on.

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like having a lot of fabric leftover. Depending on what it is I feel like I have trouble using it or finding something to make with it so I am constantly adding bits to my quilt and then having to run out last minute to get even more fabric. I do this a lot when I knit or crochet too and then run all over town trying to find “just one more skein.” On this quilt everything worked out so I was happy to have made the additions, no last minute shopping required.

Quilt CC-5

Once I had my top done I cut the fabric for the backing. It ended up being a central square with triangles on each side. I don’t have a good place to layout my quilt and so I actually ended up assembling it on my dining room table, a little bit at a time. This felt like it took forever but I had much better results then where I was working on the floor. I get way too much help in my house from the four-legged members and so the table actually worked better for this smaller sized quilt.

I recently found out that you can sew your batting together with a zigzag stitch. I was so excited to give it a try as I had a ton of batting just sitting around. You have to be careful not to pull or stretch the two pieces of batting but it worked great, until I discovered that I had made an error somewhere! My backing and batting were about 3 inches too short. I had worked to hard to get where I was and with the rest of the quilt already pined I decided that I would channel Tim Gunn – and I would “Make it Work!”

Quilt CC-3

I rolled up the pined quilt portion grabbed another scrap of batting, cut it and sewed it to the raw inner edge. I folded back the backing and quilt top and was very careful not to get them pulled up into the sewing area. I went slowly and it turned out great. I then did the same thing with the backing fabric and to my great surprise, it worked. Even if this isn’t the best quilt in the world I was so happy to be able to work around my mistake that it is one of my favorites.

Every time I quilt or sew, I learn new things and get better. This one taught me to keep trying. I could have easily walked away and given up but working through taught me to take a chance and trust myself. I lost nothing by trying something and it paid off.

Quilt CC-2

It was a hard fight to get the FMQ to come out okay. The first half of the quilt was just about perfect and then something changed and I couldn’t tell you what. It started looping on the bottom of the fabric and then started skipping stitches. I sent my sewing machine in for repair and they couldn’t find anything wrong. So I fought some more when it came back and the rest is okay. I sewed on my binding and called it a day.

I am still endeavoring to determine what is wrong  with my machine and after Halloween I will get on that issue. All in all, I am happy with this little quilt and while I thought that it might be a gift, I have decided that we will keep it here.

Quilt CC-1

Thank you for stopping by today and I will get more cards up later this week! I will also be sharing my daughter’s Halloween costume.

Second Pillowcase Dress & Gift Box


As promised I am going to share the second pillowcase dress I made. This one is very similar to the first one only in shades of blue. It turned out a little shorter then the first dress because I got a little cocky with the serger and made a mistake on the hem that had to be ripped out and fixed. If you have ever tried to rip out a serged hem you know it isn’t any fun. Since the fabric was cotton it frayed like crazy so I ended up cutting off the edge and starting over. All in all I am pretty happy with how the dress turned out. It is a very simple and rewarding project to practice sewing/serging on.

Polka dots & paisley dress.
Polka dots & paisley dress.

For such a special present I felt I needed to make a gift box. I am usually guilty of waiting until the last minute to wrap a gift and end up using gift bags, which are great but I really wanted something special. I forget how easy it really is to make a custom gift box.


I scrounged in my 12×12 paper and found this darling octopus paper by K&Co. I actually remember purchasing this paper at a store in California forever ago. To make the box I folded up the dress and then measured how big it was folded. I decided to make my box 8″x6″ with an edge of 1.25″. So I cut two pieces of cardstock 10.25″ x 8.25″ and scored each side at 1.25″ using my Martha Stewart scoreboard. Folded them up and added the DP backed with cardstock to the top and sides. I whipped up a tag and added a ribbon and voila! A custom gift box.

Gift Box - Side
Gift Box – Side

I have a huge stash of DP that I need to start using so there are certainly more gift boxes on the way. As always, thank you for stopping by!



Pillowcase Dress – A sewing project

As promised, here is the Pillowcase Dress. I really enjoy sewing but I tend to sew in spurts and then forget how to use everything. So, there is always a learning curve. I am endeavoring to sew more regularly through the year so I don’t forget everything. I purchased a new sewing machine earlier this year and it is  wayyyyy more fancy then the machine I used before. My old machine was very basic and had nothing computerized. My mother bought it for me about 20 years ago with her (no joke) Betty Crocker points. Yep – that is right all my early quilting and costume sewing was done on a machine purchased with Betty Crocker points. I also have a serger, which when I can remember how to use it, is simply awesome. Thank goodness for the internet and Google!

For this project I used both my sewing machine and my serger. This was a very easy low risk project and if you are a newbie to sewing I highly recommend giving it a try. I bought a yard of each fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics. They are simple cotton fabric I picked up in the quilting aisle. You can find the compete directions at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom: Pillowcase Dress. The directions were pretty straight-forward and easy to follow. I was pretty happy with the results and am planning to make a few more for this summer.

Full View
Full View

I loved the fabric and I was very happy with how they work together. This really was a very easy project and we even had fabric leftover. My model is also very happy with the colors and the finished product.


Super simple but fun! PS – we are growing out our bangs so forgive the messy look.