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Japanese Koma Ornament Tutorial

Getting down to the wire for Christmas! I hope that you are all ready, we are woefully unprepared but I am sure that we’ll pull it together. Today, I will be sharing these Japanese Koma Ornaments called Koma. I think that they are related to the craft called Temari but much simpler. The first time I saw these was on the Carol Duvall Show about a million years ago and I haven’t really seen very many people making them since them but I think that they are so much fun that I would share them with you today.

I have made a video of the process which you can view below.

To begin, you will need a piece of light cardboard. I use cereal boxes as they seem to be just the right weight. My standard size uses a piece that is 6″ by 2″ with three-inch squares.  If you want to change sizes you would just need to stay with those ratios. For example, if you have a 9″ long it would need to be 3 ” with 3″ squares. Once you have drawn your rectangle, you will add the squares at 2″ and 4.” Then you will add diagonal lines. You can see how those are drawn on below.

6″x2″ score lines marked and cut

Once you cut out your rectangle, you will need to score along the lines you have drawn. I use a box cutter and start very lightly so that I don’t accidentally cut through the score lines. Usually, I use a steel ruler with a cork backing to do any scoring, for two reasons, one – it doesn’t slip and two- I don’t have to worry about cutting through it. I will admit to cutting through a plastic ruler before. As always, be very careful when scoring.

Masking taped

Now, you will fold all of your score lines away from you. You are ready to start assembling your Koma. I use masking tape to tape mine together. You can, of course, use whatever works for you.  I leave one corner open to glue in a hanger.

One corner open

This time, I made a hanger with embroidery floss, about 5 inches long but I have use cording or ribbon. I use Alene’s Tack Glue to glue the hanger on the inside.

Glued in hanger

Then you will tape all the sides closed. I leave my ornament to dry.

All taped up

Now it is time to start wrapping! If you ever made God’s Eyes as a kiddo, this is very similar. I start at the top and glue down my end. If you labeled your Koma points you would start at one, then wrap around three, then two and end the wrap at one. See images below.

Starting the wrapping
First wrap
2/3 around
First path completed
Six rows in main color

To change colors, you just snip the thread and glue it down. Glue your new color and continue on. Just keep wrapping until the whole Koma is covered. Then you will glue down your final end. I used about three skeins for each Koma, this includes the tassels.

Working the pattern – mid-point

Most of the Koma’s I have made have tassels, I think that they look nice. For this Koma, I created one larger tassel in my main color, which will hang from the bottom point and then three in my complementary color. I used a variety of beads and beading thread to sew on my tassels.

Koma hanging
With beading with tassels

That is it! You are only limited by your imagination. We have our Komas out at Christmas but there isn’t anything that says you couldn’t have them out at other times.

Created by Jennifer Miner

Here are all of the Harry Potter Komas I have made. The colors I used are from the Lead Cauldron site, here.

Hufflepuff Koma
Slytherin Koma Ornament
Ravenclaw Koma
All the Hogwarts Koma Ornaments

Now, you don’t have to stick with Hogwarts inspired ornaments, below are a few others I have made. You will see that a few have rings versus floss hangers and different tassel orientations.

Christmas Koma Ornament
Pink & Purple Koma
Bright Koma with ring

I hope that this Japanese Koma Ornament Tutorial has inspired you to create your own!


  • Cereal Box or other light cardboard
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Glue
  • Masking Take
  • Scissors
  • Exacto or Box Cutter
  • Ruler



Christmas Shirt with Glitter Vinyl

Last Friday my daughter had a dance performance and the kids were wearing black tights and a Christmas shirt. Naturally, I had nothing. My cold infused brain decided that I should craft something. I knew that I had some glitter vinyl laying around and so decided to whip up something. What I really liked was that there was no chance that anyone else would have the same shirt!

To start, I needed a shirt. I ran over to my local big box store and purchase a long sleeve t-shirt. It has a little ruching on the sides and is a fairly light material.  I measured the shirt so I could resize my design.

Measure area for the design

Then I opened my design in the Silhouette Studio program and resized it to fit.

Resized Design

I purchased this design via the Silhouette Online Store here.  Next, I flipped the design.  You have to do this for the Heat Transfer Vinyl or your design will be backward.

Flipped design

Now I am ready to cut. I set my blade to 2 and moved my rollers.

Ready to cut

Then you load your vinyl backside up and selecting Load Media.

Cutting HTV

Then I cut away. This vinyl was a little thicker than non-glitter so I had to increase the depth of my blade and I cut it again.

Moved to the ironing board

Once I had my design cut, I weeded it and placed on my shirt. I taped it down so it wouldn’t move around while I moved it from my studio to the ironing board. I took it off before I ironed.

Bandanna for pressing cloth

I usually use a bandanna as a pressing cloth. It works for me and I usually have one lying around. I set my iron at this Cotton setting and ironed away.

After ironing.

As you iron, you can see the transfer material gets wrinkly.

Silhouette Cameo & Glitter Heat Vinyl

Here is the shirt after the ironing.


I am always amazed at the detail you are able to get from the Silhouette Cameo machine.

Rhinestone added to the deer

I knew that our little shirt needed a little something extra, so I added a little rhinestone. When I started adding the nose, I tried using a Hot-Fix Rhinestone but it fell right off. It seems that there is too much texture on the HTV. No worries! I used Jewel Bond Adhesive to glue on another gem and that seemed to do the trick. I am so pleased with how this little shirt turned out and my daughter loves it.

Reindeer Games Shirt

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!



Sunflower Wreath


Today I will be sharing my revamped Sunflower Wreath. I whipped up a quick wreath last year and when I got it out for this Fall it just looked a little pitiful so it got a makeover! I made a quick video just to show you how I put it together. Super easy and quick.


1- Grapevine Wreath (mine was wrapped with a wired floral ribbon but this isn’t necessary.

3 – Large single stem sunflowers

3- Bunches of smaller sunflowers

1 – Hot Glue Gun

1-  Small piece of ribbon or wire to hang finished wreath

All supplies were purchased at Michaels.

I started off with my wreath from last year. The sad little thing that she was. I hadn’t even glued the flowers on they were just stuck through the wreath. I am surprised that they didn’t blow off.


This is just a grapevine wreath with a wired floral ribbon wrapped around and then the three sunflowers and two leave stuck in the bottom. It really wasn’t bad but I wanted something with a little more pop.

All of the large sunflowers were removed and I used a high heat glue gun to re-adhere the sunflowers. Next, I dismantled the  smaller sunflower bunches by popping the flowers of the stems. I purchased three bunches of sunflowers when they were on sale and used all of them for the wreath.

Sunflower Wreath - A Makeover
Sunflower Wreath – A Makeover

I also added a tiny loop of ribbon around the back so I could hang it on the wreath hanger.

Easy sunflower wreath
Easy sunflower wreath

As you can see, the ribbon that was there, to begin with, doesn’t really show but it didn’t seem worth it to take it off. I feel like using the hot glue will keep all the flowers in place even in strong winds.

Thank you for stopping by!


I’m Your Huckleberry Sign Part 2

As promised, I am back with part two. if you haven’t read Part One you might want to do so here. So, full disclosure, I actually made this sign on a canavas and it didn’t work how I wanted. In Part One, you saw how I cut out my vinyl, on a long stip since I was going to use the positive part as my stencil. When I decided that I would need to remake my sign as a wooden sign, it was clear that I needed to use the negative to create the sign. This changed the way I cut out the vinyl stencils. I’ll share a bit more on this later in the process.

We are having our basement finished and I was just certain that there had to be some scrap wood in our dumpster that I could use. It is a win-win in my book, I get free wood and it keeps something out of the landfil. I found a wooden crate that was not from our project. It held a marble vanity top from someother project but it was perfect.

Huckleberry Sign - salvaged crate
Huckleberry Sign – salvaged crate

I was going to take a photo before I started demolishing it but I was unable to stop myself. Hand this girl a mallet and I will start demo-ing things. To begin, I had to take the crate apart. I used a mallet to separate the sides that had been nailed together and also used a drill to remove any screws. It is possible that I did get a little overzealous becuase one of the sides did split during this process, luckily I only needed three planks.

Crate disassembled with end cut off
Crate disassembled with end cut off

Once I had everything apart I used our chop saw to trim off the ends. I ended up with three planks that were 4″x20.” I wasn’t too worried about the writting since I would be sanding  the wood later.

Back of the sign
Back of the sign

Above you can see that back of the sign. I could have removed the labels but they were all stapled down and that was taking forever to get them all out and since that is the side going against the wall I wasn’t too worried.

Support wood on the back of the sign
Support wood on the back of the sign

Next I cut two pieces of wood into equal strips to hold my panels together. These were also from my crate.

Support strips screwed in place
Support strips screwed in place

I used our impact driver to screw the support strips in place. You could certainly use a regular screw driver but I like the impact driver becuase it sinks the screws. This way I will not have to worry about my sign scratching the wall.

Huckleberry Sign Assembled
Huckleberry Sign Assembled

Here is the sign all assembled.

Huckleberry Sign - Sanded
Huckleberry Sign – Sanded

The next step was the sanding. I used a palm sander and began with 60 grit sand paper then once that was smooth I switched over to a 220 grit. I left a few of my hammer marks and a few imperfections just to give it more character. When I was sanding the front, I also rounded the edges as well.

huckleberry Sign - Staining
huckleberry Sign – Staining

Before I applied my stain, I applied a coat of Pre-Stain Conditioner. I think this did help the stain go on smoothly and evenly. You could probably skip this step if you wanted but it really only took a few more minutes. Now came the stain! I used Minwax Red Mahogany and applied one coat according to the directions. I also made sure to apply stain around the edges.

One application of wood stain
One application of wood stain

Now, I allowed my stain to dry overnight this was becuase I don’t love the smell of wood stain in a small space. While it was still a little smelly it wasn’t terrible.

Stencil Part One
Stencil Part One

As I mentioned in the intro, I created two stencils for my sign. The finished sign is 16″x20.”

Stencil Part Two
Stencil Part Two

Here is the video of the stencil application and painting. I used Waverly Chalk Paint in White and a foam brush to apply my paint in two thin layers. I had some trouble getting the gold 12″ vinyl to stick to my wood, which I am not sure was owing to the fact that it was metallic or some other factor, in th end I was able to make it work. The pink was, for some reason, much easier to work with. Keeping two thin coats of paint helps minimize bleeding under the vinyl.


Completed sign
Completed sign

I am trying to decide if I should sand it a little to give it a little more distress but I am a little afraid to ruin it. So for now, this is the finished product. I’ll admit it, I totally want to make more of these. I think that I might try to make a couple with the last name, inital, and established for Christmas gifts.

One of the best things about this sign is that I had almost all of the materials on hand. The only thing that I had to purchase was the Chalk Paint, which ran all of $1.70. How cool is that?

Thank you for stopping by and I promise if I end up sanding this baby I’ll share more photos. Have a crafty day!



I’m Your Huckleberry Vinyl Wall Art Part 1

I really enjoyed the film Tombstone, maybe it was a 1993 Val Kilmer but I really liked this movie when it came out. I have always been interested in history and growing up in Colorado I feel even closer to these stories. When we adopted our Bull Terrier we had to decide on a name, we wanted something with character and we finally settled on Johnny Ringo, or Ringo for short. There line in the film where Doc Holliday says to Johnny Ringo, “Why Johnny Ringo, you look as if you’ve seen a ghost.” Well, that sealed it and it fits him perfectly. Although there are times that I call him Ringo Star or even Johnny Ringo Star. It is officially Johny Ringo. Another line from the film that I have always like is another Doc Holliday gem. That would, of course, be “I’m your Huckleberry.” We decided that we needed a sign in our house to pay homage to the movie and our outlaw dog. Hence the Huckleberry sign was born.

Since this a large project, I will be splitting the creation into two parts. Part One will feature the design process in Silhouette Studio Designer. Part Two will feature the actual sign creation.


I started with a blank document that I made the size of my finished product which will be 16″x20.” I like to lay out my projects this way so I can see how the final will look. The Silhouette Cameo can only cut up to 12 inches and the vinyl I am using is even smaller than that.


I started by typing my text, so boring! This just gives me a place to start.


I enlarged the text. At this point, I opened my font software, called AMP Font Viewer. It allows me to look at all the fonts I have on my computer at once. I have created categories for my fonts so that I can find the style I am looking for.  I settled on LD Petticoat Black. I purchased this font in the Silhouette Design store. It is a nice Western style font but not too busy.


I worked with the top portion of my quote first. I used the Arch Tool to create and arch. This is the shape I want my text to follow. Once you have the text and your shape you grab the font at the four-pointed arrow (on the lower left side). The drag the font over the arch. This will place the font along the curve.


Now, I have the text following a very gentle arch.


Next, I added two flourishes. I resized the shape to fit my design. I didn’t love the top point. So, I removed it using the Point Editing function.


Here you can see the points are active. Now, I can delete the points that I want to remove.


Now, I moved my flourish into position. I then duplicated the flourish and the flipped it horizontally.


I then placed the mirrored flourish on the opposite side. I used the Alignment Tool to get it in place.


I then added my “Huckleberry” and moved it into place.


I then purchased a pistol shape to add to the design. I also added a star from my library.


I filled in my shapes. This helps me “see” the design and the cuts. I often fill in the whole design so I can be sure that it will look as I envision. I created another “mirror” of the pistol.


I little fiddling with the design to get it just right.


I added a ring around my star and was just about ready to start cutting.


I created a New Document that I could use to layout my shapes for cutting.


Here is how I layout my vinyl.  This was how I cut my elements out. It took about 30″ of vinyl.

That’s it for today. Back soon with how I turned this into a sign.


Strong Spirit Purple Heart Card

If you ready my post yesterday you would know that this card took a little while longer then I was hoping but it is finally done! This is my tribute to Prince. His music was truly the soundtrack of my youth. I was lucky enough to see him in concert and it was amazing how one man could control an arena full of people with only the raise of an eyebrow. He was creative and talented and his music will last forever. I was a little surprised at the strength of my reaction to the news of his passing but I cannot look back at my life without there being a place in it for his music.

Transcend the Rules - Created by Jennifer Miner
Transcend the Rules – Created by Jennifer Miner

When I was 15, I went on a school trip to France and England. It was a life changing opportunity for me and it helped to make me who I am today. One memory from that trip that stands out was a moment that showed me how universal music is and how it can color a moment forever. Our group was traveling via the Metro, the Parisian subway and were changing trains at an above ground station. It was a beautiful Spring day and across the tracks there was a street musician with an acoustic guitar. While he was on the other side of the platform the station was quiet and we could hear him playing and singing Purple Rain. It was one of the most beautiful moments that I have ever had. When I think of Paris, I think of Purple Rain, always. It is something that I will carry with me for the remainder of my life and when I hear that song I am back on the platform listening to a Parisian musician on a trip that changed me.

I also made a  video for this one. I am really not loving my narration today but this was my fifth attempt and I really didn’t want to start again. The quality isn’t great so I may have to start looking for a new microphone.


Purple & Damask Heart
Purple & Damask Heart

And so without further ado, here is the process that I used to create my card for you today. I started by creating the brick background. I used a piece of white cardstock as my base and use the Tim Holtz Brick stencil. I mixed some Golden Molding Paste mixed with Naphtol Crimson and Iridescent Bronze acrylic paint. I thoroughly mixed in my red but left my mixture not totally incorporated once I added the bronze. I applied my mixture over the stencil. I allowed this to dry over night.  I decided to “paint” over my bricks. I first applied Picket Fence Distress Paint to my craft sheet and added a little water, I then pressed my brick panel into my puddle of paint. This wasn’t giving me quiet enough coverage so I also applied paint directly to my panel and spritzing it with water. I also gave it a few spritzes with Perfect Pearls.


While I liked how the paint over the bricks looked, it needed more so I applied a heavy coat of Distress Crackle Paint in Picket Fence. It was heavy because my paint was nearly dried up so I added a little water and tried to make it work.

Then I started work on my heart. I went to my spare parts box and found a heart in the size I was looking for. I had previously used my Silhouette Cameo to cut this card out of burgundy cardstock. Clearly, this was not the color I was wanting so I simply painted the heart using Chipped Sapphire Distress Paint. Once that was dry I added a coat of Purple Stickles and then on top of that a coat of Clear Rock Candy Distress Stickles.

By Jennifer Miner. Inspired by Prince with Tim Holtz Distress products.
By Jennifer Miner. Inspired by Prince with Tim Holtz Distress products.

At this point I trimmed down my brick panel and did a little distressing with Old Paper & Vintage Photo Distress Inks and a very light sanding.

Next, I started working on my damask panels. I used another of Tim Holtz’s stencils this time it was the Gothic Stencil. I sponged on Wilted Violet, Shaded Lilac, and Seedless Preserves Distress Inks.  I trimmed my panels and then added Antique Linen and Vintage Photo to distress. Next, I tore the center of the damask panels to allow the brick to show through and then added Vintage Photo and Wilted Violet along the torn portion.

Purple Heart-5


Next, trimmed everything up and mounted my purple heart with foam tape, adding the wings by sandwiching them between the adhesive. I then  added Diamond Glaze over my heart. I have done this on a few other cards and I really like the look of the glaze over glitter.

Next, came the crown. This was another little treasure from my spare parts box. It was cut out with my Silhouette Cameo and then colored with Black Distress Paint and a few coats of Glimmer Glaze in Champagne on top. I added tiny 2mm purple Gems from Hero Arts to accent the crown and then added it to the card using foam dots.

By Jennifer Miner
By Jennifer Miner

I then created the rusty hinges. I started with grungeboard hinges from Tim Holtz then I inked them with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Then I applied a heavy coat of Embossing Ink and applied a generous application of Vintage Photo Distress Embossing Powder over top. This was then heat set and once cool I rubbed off the excess material from the embossing powder. This powder has crystals in it that do not melt when heated so that you can rub them off to create a distressed look. That makes it important to shake up your powder before applying it to distribute the crystals. Once I was don’t with that I applied inked over the hinges with Walnut Stain. I applied these to my card using glue and then I added a few Tim Holtz brads.

Next, I added the distress grunge brads to my wings. I really should have added these before I put the wings on the card but since I didn’t I used a series of stick pins to create holes to place the brads. Not totally recommended but I think that they really make a statement so I wasn’t leaving them off.

Distress Purple Heart Card with Quote from Prince.
Distress Purple Heart Card with Quote from Prince.

Now I created my sentiment, I created the label in my handy dandy Silhouette Software and used the print and cut feature to generate the label. The quote says ” A strong spirit transcends rules.” and is a quote from Prince. I used the font Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen, I love this font it looks hand written. I distressed my sentiment label using Antique Linen and Vintage Photo Distress Inks. I cut a mat from a piece of texture brown cardstock and then mounted this to my card using foam dots.

To create the dark purple flowers I used paper flowers from Prima and spritzed them with Fully Purple Glimmer Mist. The more violet colored flower came in the shade. Once the flowers were dry I glued them on and added the Pewter Adhesive Pearls from Kaiser Scrapbook. I added a brown mat from the same paper as my sentiment and I added one more layer in dark purple.

Close up of the purple glitter hear.
Close up of the purple glitter heart.

The finished size of this card is 5 1/2″ x 7″ so I created the card base with two pieces of cardstock. Once I added the card front to the base I was finished! This was a true labor of love that had quite a few starts and stops and almost didn’t make to a finished product. I know this is a long post and so if you made it this far – You ROCK!!

Purple Heart-9


Paper: Neenah Solar White 80lbs & 110lbs, Suede Brown Dark & Pansy – Bazzil

Ink: Embossing, Old Paper, Chipped Sapphire, Antique Linen, Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain, Wilted Violet, Gathered Twigs, Walnut Stain, Shaded Lilac, Seedless Preserves Distress Ink – Ranger

Stamps: French Script (Retired) – Stampin’ Up

Stencils: Bricked & Gothic Stencils Tim Holtz – Stampers Anonymous

Distress Products: Picket Fence, Black Soot& Chipped Sapphire Distress Paint, Picket Fence Distress Crackle Paint, Rock Candy Distress Stickles, Grungeboard Plain Elements – Idea-ology, Heart Wings Die Tim Holtz – Sizzix, Brads (on hinges) – Idea-ology, Vintage Photo Distress Embossing Powder – Ranger

Other: Molding Paste – Golden, Napthol Crimson & Iridescent Bronze Acrylic Paint – Liquitex, Purple Stickles – Ranger, Diamond Glaze – Judikins, Champagne Glimmer Glam – Tattered Angels, 2mm Adhesive Gems – Hero Arts, Pewtwe Pearls – Kaiser Scrapbook, Fully Purple Glimmer Mist – Tattered Angels, Brads – Making Memories, Pearl Perfect Pearls – Ranger, Flowers – Prima Marketing

Whew – I emptied the drawers of this one. I hope you enjoyed today’s project.  I will be sharing this card in this week’s Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge : Show Us Your Metal.



I Like How You Roll – Sushi Card


Today’s card is a little sushi card with stamps from Lawn Fawn.  I love sushi and Lawn Fawn makes such cute stamps. I also did a little video for this baby which you can watch below. So, I have a confession to make, I wasn’t loving this card about half-way through. I was really tempted to toss it but I kept working on and once I added the Stickles I just loved it. Something about Stickles over Copics just makes me smile.  Without further ado:

"I like the way you rol"l - Card by Jennifer Miner
“I like the way you roll” – Card by Jennifer Miner


I started by stamping the sushi and soy sauce. I used my post-it notes to create masks. I also added a tiny bowl of wasabi but I ended up covering that with my sentiment.

Stamp set from Lawn Fawn
Stamp set from Lawn Fawn

I then colored in my sushi with Copic Markers, you find the full list of colors used. I stamped the background with stamps from this set using Picked Raspberry and Peacock Feathers Distress Ink. To create the “table” for our sushi I used my post-it notes to create a straight line and then using my ink blending tool I applied the Peacock Feathers Distress Ink.

Let's Roll by Lawn Fawn
Let’s Roll by Lawn Fawn

It was at this point in my process that I was a tiny bit unsure of what I was doing so I die cut the sushi using my Spellbinders Label Four set. Then I changed my mind and went in a different direction. I cut a piece of Neenah Solar White cardstock 4″x5 1/2″ and die cut another of the labels in the center.

Card created by Jennifer Miner.
Card created by Jennifer Miner.

I then used Shabby Shutters, Cracked Pistachio, Lucky Clover and Peacock Feathers Distress Ink to create an green ombre look. I used the small flower shape to create a little additional dimension on the card.

Sushi Card
Sushi Card

I then adhered my sushi piece to the center of a piece of green cardstock and then mounted my green ombre on top with foam tape. I stamped my sentiment using Tuxedo Black Memento Ink and then die cut this with a Spellbinders circle die. I added the teal flower in Peacock Feathers and inked the edge with Shabby Shutters.

Copic Markers & Glitter
Copic Markers & Glitter

I then added the Stickles and Glossy Accents which totally made me adore this card. I added a few gems from Mark Richards and Me & My Big Ideas and then a few polka dots using White Opal Liquid Pearls. I love the sparkle and shine on this card.

By Jennifer Miner
By Jennifer Miner


Stamps: Let’s Roll – Lawn Fawn

Paper: Neenah Solar White & Glorious Green – Stampin’ Up

Ink: Tuxedo Black Memento – Tsukineko, Shabby Shutters, Cracked Pistachio, Lucky Clover, Peacock Feathers * Picked Raspberry Distress Ink – Ranger

Stickles: Orange Peel, Blue, Yellow, Fruit Punch, Crystal, Peacock, Lime Green

Copics: C0, C1, C3, E13, E40, Y04, Y06, Y08, YR04, YR07, YR09, G02, G03, G05, G14, G16, G19, E15, E17, E25, E27, E29. E33. E42

Misc: 3mm Citron Gems – Mark Richards, Clear Gems – Me & My Big Ideas, Spellbinders – Label Four & Circle, Glossy Accents – Ranger, White Opal Liquid Pearls

Watercolor Mehndi Medallion Card

Happy Monday – okay I am pretty sure that isn’t really a thing but I am going with it today. Today, I went in a very different direction for me but I really liked it. I used the Mehndi Medallion and Mega Mehndi Medallion stamps from Papertrey Ink and Zig Clean Color Markers to create my Watercolor Mehndi Medallion card.

Watercolor Mehndi Medallion by Jennifer Miner
Watercolor Mehndi Medallion by Jennifer Miner

I even made a video for this card today which you can view below.

So, I started with a piece of Neenah Solar White cardstock trimmed to 4″x5 1/4″ and I stamped the large medallion using Versamark Ink and then I used White Zing! Powder to heat emboss the image. Once the embossing powder was cooled I started my watercoloring.

Best Wishes-2

Normally, I would use watercolor paper to do watercoloring (makes sense right) but,  this image has so much fine detail and the watercolor paper has a texture I was pretty sure that I would loose too much detail. So, I ditched the watercolor paper and settled for a little warping. I still think that it was worth it!

Best Wishes-3

I started by painting the triangles with Bright Yellow and then I added the Light Blue on the outside. Next, I painted the inner circle using Pink, Light Violet, Light Blue and Cobalt Blue. I then added the Pink on the outer details. Since I was working with regular cardstock I found that I would apply additional ink over my wet painting to soften the color application and to also make it more intense. When drawing on the cardstock the ink sometimes would stay mostly in place and not react to the water.

Best Wishes-5

Next, I stamped the sentiment and additional elements with VersaMark and again heat embossed with the White Zing! Powder.

Best Wishes-6

I painted these small elements in the same manner that I did the larger medallion. I used Bright Yellow, Pink, Light Blue and Light Violet. Then I painted the background with Light Pink and Pink ink. To get a softer application I applied color to an acrylic block and the painted with my Aqua Painter.

Best Wishes-7

I adhered my dry panel to a piece of Rose Red cardstock and then set that under my acrylic block. I do this to try and flatten out the paper as much as I can.

Best Wishes-9

I then added my adhesive pearls from  Doodlebug Designs and then applied my watercolored panel to a top-fold card base.

Best Wishes-13

While there is a sacrifice in the way the plain cardstock performs I am still really pleased with this project. I was inspired by the very talented Betsy Veldman. She created a stunning card using the new Papertrey Ink What the Doodle: Feather Set. You can see that here.

Best Wishes-14



Stamps: Mega Mixed Messages, Mega Mehndi Medallion and Mehndi Medallion – Papertrey Ink

Ink: VersaMark – Tsukineko

Zig Clean Color Markers: Pink, Light Pink, Light Violet, Light Blue, Cobalt Blue & Bright Yellow

Other: White Zing! Embossing Powder – American Crafts, Adhesive Pearls – Doodlebug Designs Inc.

Thank you so very much for stopping by today!

Mandala Memorial Rock


So we are still knee deep in puppy shenanigans over here but in a good way. Oliver is doing well but requires constant watching. So, still not getting as much done as I would like.

Three years ago, we gave our daughter two goldfish for her birthday. She named them Nemo and Dory and they have been a part of our family since. They quickly out grew their ten gallon tank and were upgraded to a 29 gallon beast. On Wednesday morning, I found that Nemo had died. It seems so silly to feel so sad at the lost of a fish but I felt like we had been through so much with him and it was just so sudden.

I wanted to create a little memorial for Nemo and picked up a rock and created a Mandala Memorial Rock to make where we placed him and to remind us of happier times.

Nemo - Rock-1

I started by finding a suitable rock and I then washed it and allowed it to dry. Once it was clean and dry, I gave it a few coats of black paint.

Nemo - Rock-2

Next, I painted a white oval in the center.

Nemo - Rock-4

Next, I created my palette for the yellow/orange dots.  I mixed up five shade of yellow/orange acrylic paint.

Nemo - Rock-5

Next, I used the back end of some paint brushes to create the dots. I started with the largest brush in orange on the outer edge and worked my way in. Once those had dried I came back over the dry dots and added smaller dots in the reverse shade order.

Nemo - Rock-6

I set my rock on a cup with water in it while I worked so I could rotate my rock without smudging. Once that second layer of dots was dry I added a tiny white dot in the center of each using a toothpick.

Nemo - Rock-7

Next, I added the name. To do this I printed out the name and then used graphite paper to transfer this to the surface of my rock.

Nemo - Rock-8

I then used black acrylic paint to paint “Nemo” on the rock. At this point I decided that I needed to add more dots. I added rows of blue dots in the same manner as the yellow. Then I decided that it still looked too plain and I added the white dots.

Nemo - Rock-9

I like working with acrylic paint for a project like this because the paint dries quickly and there is a tactile feel to the paint. The larger dots were created with the back of the paint brushes and the tiny dots were made with a toothpick.

Nemo - Rock-10

I let my rock dry overnight, mostly because I thought that I was done. Of course, I wasn’t done.

Nemo - Rock-11

I gave “Nemo” a few more coats of black and added the year and the heart. Once it is completely dry I will add a coat of varnish and we will put our rock in the yard. I really liked painting this rock and I think that we will do a few more this summer.

Nemo - Rock-13

Thanks for stopping by – more soon!



Make a Splash – Watercolor Shark Card


I hope that you are all having a safe and relaxing Sunday. I am sharing a watercolor shark card today. I made a quick and high speed video of the process. I think that sometimes it is just nice to watch the process without a ton of other detail.

Really this was a very easy card with very minimal supplies. I started with a piece of watercolor paper and stamped my sharks with Antique Linen Distress Ink. Then I used my Zig Clean Color Markers and Aqua Painter to watercolor the sharks. I used Mid Gray and Light Gray on the sharks and then Persian Blue on the water. I painted the gills and eyes with Black.Shark Watercolor

Once I had painted I stamped the little bubbles with Broken China Distress Ink.

To created the sentiment I stamped the “Make a Splash” with Broken China and then mounted that to a piece of Night of Navy cardstock. I added the sentiment to the watercolored panel and then add that to another piece of Night of Navy cardstock. While it did take me a while to paint the sharks this card was really pretty quick and easy.


Shark Watercolor-3

There are a lot of different ways to create a watercolor look and these Zig markers are really fun. In traditional watercolor you get your whole paper wet and then work on wet. Since I used Distress Ink to create my outline I was not able to really do this so I just tried to use a lot or water when I was painting.

The sharks are from The Alley Way Stamps, which I just learned is going out of business. It is sad to lose them, I just feel like I only just discovered them. They are selling off their remaining stock so if there was something you had your eyes on you should jump on it.

Watercolor Sharks by Jennifer Miner
Watercolor Sharks by Jennifer Miner


Paper: Strathmore Watercolor Paper, Night of Navy – Stampin’ Up, Neenah Solar White

Stamps: Something’s Fishy – The Alley Way Stamps

Ink: Broken China & Antique Linen Distress Ink – Ranger

Zig Clean Color Markers: Mid Gray, Light Gray, Black & Persian Blue