Fairy Toothpick Doll


Today, I am sharing the latest creation to find her way out of my studio. This is a little toothpick doll fairy. She was so much fun to make. As with the other toothpick dolls, she was created using toothpicks, glue, and embroidery floss. I tried out a new technique to create the wings and overall they turned out pretty good. This is something that I will have to keep experimenting with.

Toothpick Fairy

I started her creation with the tiered skirt. This took lots of time and patience. Once that was complete, I added her two-tone bodice.

Left-Side View

I added a tiny braid to the top and bottom. Embroidery floss is made of six smaller strands and I used to individual strands to create the braid.

Right-Side View

Next, I started creating the roses. These are created by wrapping small amounts of floss in the tip of a toothpick. The vines are created by wrapping dampened floss around a toothpick and allowing the floss to dry.

By Jennifer Miner

I also added tiny knots as accents. I used the same pallet of colors as the skirt.

Next came the arms, which included pink upper arm braces and more vines.

A Back View

Next, it was time for the hair! Thanks to Pinterest I knew that I wanted to create a faux-hawk braid. I used two shades of pink. I split each strand into individual pieces before bringing them back together for the hair. Again I added some more roses for the hair.

Tiny Fairy

I created the wings using individual strands of floss and regular glue. As I mentioned this was a new technique and needs a little more finesse, but pretty good for a first attempt.

View from the underside

Above you can see a view from the underside. This shows all the many layers of floss that go into creating the skirt. The little void in the middle is here her toothpick legs are.

This little doll was so much fun and it was really nice just working from my own imagination. This is my first doll with pink hair and I think that this might be a little trend in the doll studio.

I am still working on slowing down and taking my time and I am really trying to enjoy the process.  This is certainly one of my favorite creations. Thanks for visiting Рoff to the studio!


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