Harry Potter Always Stag Canvas

Things are cracking along here at Harry Potter Central! I think that at first, I was a little nervous because I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull some of these projects off. Now, I know that I have a long way to go I have been having a blast with everything.

Today’s project is a canvas. I wanted to create some HP inspired art projects for the house, most things will be inspired by props in the books/movies but I wanted a few pieces of “fan art. ” I love Harry’s stag Patronus image and Always hold a special place for me. While my daughter is a Harry Potter fan, her mom might be the bigger fan.

Harry Potter inspired Always Canvas

This project began with an11 in. x 14 in. white canvas. I painted the galaxy background first, I used black, blue, purple, and pink craft acrylics. I applied the paint kind of randomly and then used a sea sponge to blend the colors. This technique requires working in small areas, this way none of my paint dries before blending. Once I was happy with the first coat, I let it dry. Then I came back with more of the same colors and added white. I tried to keep the white in a “path.” Again each paint application was blended with the sponge and then allowed to dry. I took my canvas outside and splattered some white acrylic paint to simulate stars. Now, I let the paint fully dry.

Created by Jennifer Miner

While my paint was drying, I create the stencil I used for the stag. I started with this deer and the used the Silhouette Design Studio® to create the Deathly Hallows symbol.  I then added the “Always.”

“Always” created with Silhouette Cameo, Double-Sided Adhesive, and glitter

Have you ever purchase a tool or supply and then sort of forgotten it, well maybe not totally forgot but perhaps let it sit in a drawer for just the right project? The “Always” was created with a tool I sort of forgot that I had, Double-Sided Adhesive from Silhouette America. I bought this knowing that I would totally use it and then didn’t have the right project for it; until today! I cut the word from the adhesive and applied it to my canvas. The adhesive went on the canvas like a champ. I then added the gold glitter. This stuff worked way better than I could have imagined. The glitter is even and really stuck on there.

Stag Patronus with Deathly Hallows

Now, it was time to add my stag. To begin, I cut out a stencil using adhesive vinyl.

Harry Potter Inspired Fan Art

When I went to apply my stencil to the canvas, it was a total wrestling match. It wouldn’t stick at all, well except to itself. I finally got it on, part of the shape had stretched and warped. I used a few little scraps of vinyl to get it down and back into the shape I needed. I used the Modge Podge Technique that is normally used on wood to apply my paint. This means that I gave the stencil a coat of Modge Podge prior to painting. This helps get the stencil to stick down and if there is any seepage it should be the clear Modge Podge and not the paint. This helped a ton, although a little paint did still get through, it could have been much worse.  I used a round sponge brush to add the silver acrylic paint.

HP Party Art

When I pulled up the stencil I could see a little paint seepage. It wasn’t terrible but I knew that it would bother me if I left it. I used black and blue acrylic paint to touch up the stag. I did a couple light coats of the paint to try and match the background.

Harry Potter Always Canvas

Overall, I am happy with the way this turned out. This was really fun to create. Thank you for joining me today and I hope that you are inspired to take on your own Patronus!


  • 11×14 Stretched Canvas
  • Acrylic Paints
    • Black
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • White
    • Silver
  • Sea Sponge
  • Modge Podge
  • Adhesive Vinyl
  • Double-Sided Adhesive
  • Gold Glitter

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