Plaid Fleece Blanket

Hiya! So, you may all remember that I made three different blankets in January for our three-birthday weekend. I might have sort of forgotten to share one with you. Well, that ends today! Here it is. This quick and easy blanket was created for a two-year-old boy. As you may know, plaid is super on trend right now. I found this (on sale, yes!!) fleece and then grabbed this faux fur to go along.

Plaid Fleece Blanket 4
Easy blanket by Jennifer Miner

I bought the very end of the bolt on the fur, which is supposed to be like a sheep wool. Since I was getting the very last of the fabric, this determined the amount that I was able to get and then I just got the same amount of the fleece. It was just about 1.3 yards.

Plaid Fleece Blanket 2
Great and easy present

Remeber I said this was easy, I wasn’t joking. I laid the fabrics out, right sides together, and then used my serger to rip around the outer edges. I left a little un sewen to allow me to flip the blanket right-sides out. Then used my sewing machine to stitch up the opening.

Plaid Fleece Blanket 3
All that snugly goodness – little boy gift

Seriously, this was so easy! I love using the serger to sew fun fur because it really keeps everything from flying everywhere. That was it. The fleece is super snuggly and works great with the fun fur. You could easily use actual plaid for something like this is you prefer. If it had been any larger I might have run a stitch about 3-4 inches off the edge just to keep it from slipping around but at this size, everything seemed to work.

Plaid Fleece Blanket
Getting in on the plaid trend!

I am seriously considering making one for myself. I am seeing bright purple and crazy fun, well maybe not. This took very minimal sewing skills and if you don’t have a serger a sewing machine would be just as easy.

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