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August is for Afghans (Part Two)

I am back!! Pretty sure that posts two days in a row might be a sign of the apocalypse. So I made you all wait a whole day for the other afghan I completed in August. So, this afghan is a single block from a CAL that Moogly is throwing this year. I loved this block and the colors that were used and decided to make a whole afghan using this one block.

Crocheted by Jennifer Miner. Pattern from Polly Plum

Seriously I feel in love with the colors and pattern created by Polly Plum of Every Trick on the Hook. It is called Simbelmyne and it is lovely. The blocks are 12″x12.” I used her color scheme as below.

Vanna’s Choice
  • Radiant Lime
  • Toffee
  • Raspberry
  • White
  • Aquamarine
  • Mustard
Pattern by Polly Plum

If you have never worked with one of Polly Plum’s patterns you are missing out. She gives great directions and the photos with details are fantastic. This made it so easy to create the squares. You can find the pattern for this block here.

Flat Braid Join

In this afghan, I used a new method to join my blocks called the Flat Braid Join. I followed the tutorial from The Patchwork Heart (here). I wasn’t able to get my join to look nice as a continuous join so I just did it block by block. Just a heads up these directions are in UK terms so just be aware. I loved the way the join looked.

Lace fan border

I added a border from Edie Eckman book Around the Corner. I was a slacker and did not sew in my ends as I went so it took forever to sew in all of those ends. It was totally worth the time as I am so pleased with this project. There is a chance that this may not make it to its recipient for Christmas. Not really but I might snuggle under it just once before packing it up if it ever cools off here.

Crochet Afghan because August is for Afghans

I really had to force myself to stop making blocks for this afghan I was just having too much fun. I was also happy with the border.

Crochet edges

The only downside of this pattern was that I did have to run around a little to collect all the yarn I needed. No one store had the whole palette. If I was able to plan ahead I could have probably ordered them all at once but I am terrible at estimating how much I will need, so there is always a trip to the store. I hope you enjoyed today’s post!


August is for Afghans

Nothing says hot weather like working under a warm blanket, okay well maybe not but I finished two afghans last month and I had to share. I know that many fiber craftspeople don’t make blankets or afghans in the hotter months but I have such a back log I feel like I have to! The one time that this is a problem is joining and sewing in ends. This can be hot work! I usually try to keep the work off my lap and sit by the air conditioning vent and it really helps. These are the two afghans I mentioned in my last post. I have decided to post them even though they are Christmas gifts, I think that they will still be a surprise.  Or at the least, the recipients will forget that they ever saw them since Christmas is so far away!

Crochet Afghan by Jennifer Miner
Created by Jennifer Miner

The first afghan was my very first Crochet-Along. I shared a few photos in this post. This afghan represents a few “firsts” for me. It was my first CAL, the first time I blocked squares, the first afghan with all different blocks and the first time I sewed in my ends as I went along. Sewing in your ends as you finish a block makes the finishing of the afghan so much more pleasant. Nothing like sitting and sewing in 300+ ends.

Looking forward to those cold months

The CAL I followed is from the Creative Crochet Workshop and is called Crochet a Block Afghan 2017. You can find all of the patterns on their website here.  I used Vanna’s Choice in

  • Dark Grey Heather
  • Silver Heather
  • Rose Shocking
  • Aquamarine
Every block is different!

This was really fun and I truly looked forward to the days when the next block was released.  Since the blocks were released once a week I had plenty of time to sew in the ends before the next block was released.

Hooked by Jennifer Miner

The border is pretty simple but there is so much going on in the afghan itself I think that it totally works.

August is for afghans

The cat really likes this afghan and I have had to kick him off it a few times when it was in my studio.

The completed afghan on a full sized bed
Created by Jennifer Miner
The edging

Originally I was going to showcase both afghans today but I think that I will make you come back tomorrow! However, if you have read this far I will give you a little sneak peek.

Sneaky peak of the other afghan

I really hope that it cools off here in Colorado soon. We are in the upper 80s/90s this whole week. I am ready for the Fall! Hopefully soon thanks for visiting.

Pattern from the Creative Crochet Workshop


Purple & Green Afghan

My few handmade items have been received by their recipients so I can share them with you! The first is a huge afghan I made. Seriously, this thing is huge, massive, and way too big! I really should have sewn in the ends as I was going because it was tedious! I am glad that I didn’t throw in the towel because the end result was a very nice project. This is a very warm afghan.

Purple & Green Afghan Crocheted by Jennifer Miner

I ended up making it 11 blocks by 9 blocks. The blocks were made using the Mood Blanket 2014 – June Square. The colors are as follows: Linen, Dusty Purple, Purple, Dusty Green, Olive yarn from Vanna’s Choice. Then the blocks are joined with Linen.

So many squares

I completed this afghan as I do most of my afghans that use blocks, in a partial assembly line. What I mean, is that I will work up some blocks maybe starting with 20 and I will work the blocks in each step. so, I will start by making 20 centers, then I will work the second row of all the blocks, then the third and so on. Then once I have a few completed blocks I will use the join as you go technique to join the completed blocks. I continue working in this manner until my afghan is as large as I would like.

Close-up Purple and Green Afghan

Once I had all the blocks I wanted and they were all joined together, I added the border. I used Edie Eckman’s Around the Corner Crochet Borders book and just picked a few different patterns as I went along.

Purple & Green Afghan Edging

This thing was heavy! Our winter has been pretty warm and as this baby grew it was hard to work on because I would get so warm with it on my lap.

Crocheted by Jennifer Miner

While I was trying to photograph this afghan, my afghan tester was hard at work. Our cat, Jax was very “helpful” through this process. I had to pull him off the afghan at least four times just so I could photograph it! Here he is, hard at work.

Afghan tester, Jax
More testing

I am happy to say that this afghan is “Cat Approved.”

Completed and ready to ship out!


  • Vanna’s Choice Yarn
    • Olive
    • Dusty Green
    • Dusty Purple
    • Purple
    • Linen
  • Hook
    • J Hook
  • Patterns
    • Mood Blanket 2014 – June Square
    • Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman (Various)

Easy Crochet Blanket


Back again, and this time with another non-card project. Today, I will be sharing an easy crochet afghan that I made for my husband. It was very basic and worked up fairly quickly. You could easily take this and change the color scheme to suit your needs.

Afghan by Jennifer Miner
Afghan by Jennifer Miner

This project began as so many do, on Pinterest. Oh, my beloved Pinterest. I sometimes call Pinterest my “Pusher,” because I feel like it is in some darkened alley telling me that I need  ‘just one more project,” or that “I can do that,” or the very devious “that doesn’t look that hard.” These all get me, but I love me some Pinterest people. So, okay where was I? Ah yes, the crocheted blanket.  I found this project, https://pysseldrommar.com/2015/03/29/antligen-tillbaka-monster-virkad-och-vavd-plad/. This darling striped baby blanket. It is seriously darling and looked pretty easy. My hubby had been asking for a blanket of his own and he really liked this one.

Easy Crochet Afghan
Easy Crochet Afghan

I started out creating in basically the same way she describes, but once I got to weaving in the strands of color it was clear that they were too thin for the width of the blanket. (Don’t worry, I actually tested this out on a small scale before crocheting up a whole blanket).

Lovely bright stripes
Lovely bright stripes

So, I went a different route. I started with the dark gray and double crocheted ten rows then I created the color stripes. For the color stripes, I used a half-double stitch and alternated with my dark gray. I I just kept repeating this until I had a blanket as long as I wanted. AKA – when I finally ran out of the yarn.

Simple and easy Crochet Afghan
Simple and easy Crochet Afghan

I then sewed my yarn tails in  and added the simple border. This was just a simple single crochet in gray and bright blue. I told you it was easy. It was just what ye’ old hubbs was looking for and I was pleased with the overall product. My one issue is that I didn’t get the stitch count exactly right on the border and there is a little puckering but I decided that it wasn’t that big of a deal and so I let it go and moved on.

Crochet Afghan by Jennifer Miner
Crochet Afghan by Jennifer Miner

Since we were really focused on the colors the yarns I used are from a few different lines. You can find them below.

Eggplant, Aqua, & Charcoal – Vanna’s Choice

Butterscotch & Grass – Loops & Threads (Available at Michaels)

Premium Turquoise & Baby Gold Fish – Big Twist (Available at JoAnn’s)

Created By Jennifer Miner
Created By Jennifer Miner

I have two afghan’s on the hook right now and just ordered yarn for another because as I mentioned I cannot stop myself and Pinterest is there in the corner telling me that I can whip it up no problem. I did manage to complete my daughter’s Halloween costume so at least I have one thing under control. Thanks for stopping by!