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Crochet Baby Blanket & Bunny

Today’s project is a crochet baby blanket and bunny stuffie. I love making baby gifts. These two projects are for a new addition to our extended family. I was a little late getting them done, a certain Harry Potter Party got me a little behind, okay a lot behind, on my other projects. However, I was happy with how they turned out and while a little late the baby in questions hasn’t started college yet.

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Let’s start with the baby blanket. I made this blanket with one ball of Lion Brand Ice Cream Big Scoop in Tutti Fruiti. This was a simple jumbo granny square. The one difference was that when you start a new row you change direction. This gives the neat color pooling that you can see in the blanket. This was a very simple project and in fact, the first 2/3 of this blanket were done while I was waiting in the carpool. I just can’t sit and not do something with my hands. You could easily use any yarn for this and make it any size. You can find the pattern over on Lion Brand’s site here.

Now, on to the bunny! This little crochet darling was made using Bernat PipSqueak in Pixie Pow. The pattern I used is from One Dog Woof and can be found here. My favorite thing about the yarn/pattern combo was how forgiving it was.

Crochet bunny in a flower pot.

I did make a few alterations to the pattern as I went along. In fact, I think that the head was the only piece that I didn’t alter. I made the abdomen a little larger and the legs, arms, and ear a little longer. I didn’t really keep track of what I did but I just worked until I was happy with the shape of length and then moved on to the next part.

My daughter loved this bunny and I was only able to send it along with the promise that I would make another for her.

I added a pom-pom tail with basic acrylic yarn out of my stash. I loved the tail, it also helps this little bunny sit-up.  I trimmed a lot off my original pom-pom which is why the end result is a tight dense ball.

Pom pom bunny tail

The pattern gives directions for an embroidered nose and I really went back and forth on whether to add one or not, but in the end, I just left the nose off and I think that this bunny looks fine without one.  The eyes are plastic safety eyes and she was stuffed with basic polyfill. I hope that she will be loved.

Bunny Face

That is it for today! Thank you for stopping by.

The end

Knit Teddy Bears

Happy Monday!

I can finally share with you these two little knit bears I made since they have both been delivered to their babies! It just so happens that we had two family/friend babies arriving around the same time. I usually try to make something when I give a baby gift. I have done a few knit or crocheted blankets, a few hats, and even knit baby uggs. I really didn’t have too much time and I needed two gifts so I decided to try something totally new for me and knit teddy bears.


I found a pattern on www.joann.com called Oso Cute Bears, in a previous incarnation of the pattern it was called Softee Bear. I used the yarn from the pattern, Bernat Pipsqeak in Baby Blue. For the two bears I used three balls of yarn with a tiny bit left over.


Overall, the pattern was pretty straight forward and I really had a lot of fun. There was one section of the pattern that was a little confusing (and not just to me) and this was for the head gusset. The wording is a little confusing and I could tell from the comments that a few people had problems.

The area of confusion is this sentence: “Beg with a knit row, proceed in stocking st, inc1 at each end of 9th row and following 6th rows until there are 13 sts.”

Here is how I worked this:

Begin with a knit row, work stocking stitch for 8 rows. Beginning with Row 9 increase one stitch at the end of each row. Continue for 6 rows, there should now be 13 stitches.


If you are working on a bear I hope this helps. It seemed to work for me and I really think that is what they wanted you to do. If I were to create this again I think that I would maybe make the arms a little thinner. One of my bears has clearly been hitting the gym and that is maybe not what I want in a teddy bear. My one other issue, was that the necks were a little floppy. I added a ribbon to help stabilize them but there is still a little too much flopping.


One part of the creation that gave me a little trouble was stitching on the eyes and nose. The pattern shows a mouth too but I just stuck with mouth and nose. I used DMC Pearl Cotton thread. I gave it a few attempts and just had to stop with these since I was sure if I ripped anything else out I was going to have to start over on the whole bear.


Anyway, I was overall pretty happy with these little bears and they were soooooo soft that I was forced to cuddle with them a little before handing them over to the babies.

In addition to my bears today, I have also posted a super speed video I made when I was painting my octopus rock. It is just the first part of the creation process but I thought that it was fun. You can see the video below.

It has already been a whirlwind week and it is only Monday afternoon!! I hope you have a wonderful day.