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Maleficent Cross Stitch

62 Skeins, 56 Colors, 41,830 Stitches, 2.5 years

This was one beast of a project. I was beginning to fear that she would never get completed. When  I started this project for my mother, whose favorite villain is Maleficent. I thought that I would be able to get her done in a few months, just in time for Christmas. Wow was I wrong. It took me two additional Christmases and several birthdays to get her completed.

Maleficent Cross Stitch by Jennifer Miner

Now, it wasn’t just that it was the most complex cross-stitch that I have ever attempted (there are 12 shades of purple in there) but she kept getting bumped for other projects. Well, after the big Harry Potter Birthday Party,  I decided that this was the year and that I was going to get her done before my mom’s birthday. I attacked this project with renewed motivation and got it done. I was even able to get the project framed prior to the day.


I think that projects are funny like that. Sometimes you just have to be “in the mood” to get them done. I once read that if you haven’t worked on a project in six months you are probably not going to finish it and that you should pitch it. For me, this is generally not true. I really make an effort to finish what I start and things do get set aside before I can get to them. So, I guess that it is a case of doing what works for you. In fact, I had a half completed toothpick doll that had been sitting in my box of doll supplies. I worked on her last week and will be sharing my finished doll soon.

Two and half years in the making

On that note, I have completed the crochet on one blanket and am starting the process of sewing in my ends (this one may have to wait, a little as it is too hot to sit under an afghan right now), I have one more square on my Creative Crochet Workshop CAL afghan. There will be a border and joining will still need to be done but we are getting close! I have also picked up a knit blanket that I started last Spring. I am trying to get the major UFOs tackled around here. My goal is to not buy any supplies for a new project before I get these done. I think that I can do it, although I am really wanting to start a temperature blanket. No, I will be strong, I will resist!! I will probably buy supplies tomorrow. Oh, and I forgot I still have my Sophie’s Universe have completed and hiding in the basement, and two quilts, and and and . . . . Well, you get the idea.