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Plaid Fleece Blanket

Hiya! So, you may all remember that I made three different blankets in January for our three-birthday weekend. I might have sort of forgotten to share one with you. Well, that ends today! Here it is. This quick and easy blanket was created for a two-year-old boy. As you may know, plaid is super on trend right now. I found this (on sale, yes!!) fleece and then grabbed this faux fur to go along.

Plaid Fleece Blanket 4
Easy blanket by Jennifer Miner

I bought the very end of the bolt on the fur, which is supposed to be like a sheep wool. Since I was getting the very last of the fabric, this determined the amount that I was able to get and then I just got the same amount of the fleece. It was just about 1.3 yards.

Plaid Fleece Blanket 2
Great and easy present

Remeber I said this was easy, I wasn’t joking. I laid the fabrics out, right sides together, and then used my serger to rip around the outer edges. I left a little un sewen to allow me to flip the blanket right-sides out. Then used my sewing machine to stitch up the opening.

Plaid Fleece Blanket 3
All that snugly goodness – little boy gift

Seriously, this was so easy! I love using the serger to sew fun fur because it really keeps everything from flying everywhere. That was it. The fleece is super snuggly and works great with the fun fur. You could easily use actual plaid for something like this is you prefer. If it had been any larger I might have run a stitch about 3-4 inches off the edge just to keep it from slipping around but at this size, everything seemed to work.

Plaid Fleece Blanket
Getting in on the plaid trend!

I am seriously considering making one for myself. I am seeing bright purple and crazy fun, well maybe not. This took very minimal sewing skills and if you don’t have a serger a sewing machine would be just as easy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fleece No-Tie Blanket with Rhinestone Monogram

Happy Friday!

Last weekend we celebrated three birthdays, it might be a new record for us! Per usual, I decided to throw myself into the deep end of crafting by making three different blankets, one for each of the birthday kiddos. Today, I will be sharing the fleece no-tie blanket with a rhinestone monogram. I also created a coordinating card that I will share tomorrow.

Handset Rhinestones on Pink Cheetah Fleece Blanket

Our first birthday kiddo is a big fan of pink. I trekked myself over to the craft store in search of fleece. Naturally, I missed the outstanding fleece sale by one day. I just wasn’t paying attention to the sale dates and so I was surprised when I got to the store to see that my sale fleece choices were limited. Turns out that was fine because I was able to find this fantastic pink cheetah with coordinating pink fleece for 50% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon. Score! I purchased 2 yards of each. This is called Blizzard Fleece versus the Anti-Pill just in case you are looking for some.

Laying out the fleece

I started by laying out the fleece in our basement, which is the only place where I have room and can keep all the four-legged helpers out. Once I had the fleece smoothed out I did a light pinning just to keep it all in place. There is sort of a velcro effect with the fleece so it mostly stuck to itself. Now, the next step is something new for me. I sewed a simple straight stitch about five inches in all around the blanket. The idea is that this keeps everything together better. I don’t really know if it helps but it wasn’t a big deal and I will do it on the next blanket. Once my blanket was sewn, I started cutting my tassels. To start, I cut out 4″x4″ squares from the corner and then using my quilting ruler as a guide I cut one-inch tabs all around the blanket.

Cut out the 4″x4″ corner

Now, I had decided that I was going with the “no-tie” fleece blanket so to do this I folded each tab back on itself and cut a slit near the top, about 1.5″ long. I will freely admit that I was not super precise on these cuts but they all looked pretty uniform. Once the slits were cut, I took the ends of the tabs (both pieces of fleece) and threaded them through the slit. That is it, now I just did that over and over and over again. I tried a few different scissors, including my ragging shears but my regular bent scissors worked the best.

Tabs with the slit cut
After “tying”

Because I really wanted to make this blanket something special I decided to add a rhinestone monogram. I used my Silhouette Design Studio to create a template that I cut out using my Silhouette Cameo using regular cardstock. I used the font ALS Script to create the monogram.

There is a faster way to create rhinestone designs but I didn’t have the supplies on-hand and there was no way I was going to the craft store a fourth time. Just saying! I had to use what was on-hand. I applied clear 10ss rhinestone using my HotFix tool, using my cardstock template as a guide. I have used this method before on my “X” Saddle Pad. I’ll be honest, I actually prefer this method to using an iron because I feel like have more control over the temperature. The one downside is of course time, it does take quite a bit longer to handset rhinestones one at a time. Either way, I think that it turned out so fun and I think that I might whip up a few more of these down the road!

Rhinestone Monogram -ALS Script Font

If you can find the fleece on sale these are affordable gifts and if you are not up for rhinestones you could either leave that off or use a commercially produced monogram that you iron on. I hope that you are inspired to create your own Rhinestone Monogram No-Tie Fleece Blanket!

Flannel Rag Quilt


I have made a few quilts over the years, but never a rag quilt. I recently purchased a new sewing machine and I am still trying to figure everything out on it so I was looking for a project that would give an opportunity to practice without a huge investment. So, I’ll admit I was a little bit of a disaster with this project. I had trouble cutting the fleece and then I was not very accurate with my sewing. I was definitely getting better towards the end of the quilt and I am actually thinking that I will make another. I think that this was the most forgiving project I have ever worked on. Once you rag the seams and wash it, like magic everything looks better. Since this was for my daughter, I let her select all of the fabric. We spent quite a bit of time in the fabric section trying to get the “right” fabric collection.

Rag Quilt - Detail
Rag Quilt – Detail

This quilt has two additional layers of fleece inside each square. Each square was nine inches and the front and back fabric matched. The inner fleece is eight inches. After cutting the squares I stack the two inner layers with a top and bottom and the sewed an “X” across each block to secure all the layers. I used a walking-foot on this quilt and it was a huge help.

A View of the Back of the Rag Quilt
A View of the Back of the Rag Quilt
Complete Quilt
Complete Quilt

Overall, this was fun to make and pretty straight-forward. I am looking forward to making another. Thanks for stopping by!