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My Little Pony Repaint

There are times that we get up to unusual things around these parts. Over Winter break my kiddo was watching a video where a woman painted a tiny My Little Pony, naturally, she asked if we could do it. I said “Yes,” really think that she wouldn’t want to lose a pony from her collection but I was wrong. I told her I would try but that I made no promises.

My Little Pony RepaintAbout a million years ago, or perhaps more like 15, I was into customising model horses. It is a really neat hobby and the best artist are amazing. Well, life got busy and I didn’t have time for it so I set it aside,¬† for the time being, (hint, hint) but this little project reminded me of my time as a model horse customizer. It was fun, but man those tiny cutie marks are a beast. Here she is, just in case you couldn’t tell, her cutie mark is a dragon. Becuase, of course, a 1/8th-inch dragon would be easy.

Custom MLP

These little figures are sold in Blind Bags, which means you don’t know which pony you are getting before you open it. We chose a duplicate pony. Normally I would have stripped off paint and glitter but I understand that the hard plastic doesn’t do well with acetone and you can just paint over the existing¬†paint and glitter, which we did. I used inexpensive craft paints and got to work. It took about four coats of the body and hair color to get the lines clear. The nice thing about acrylic paint is that it dries very fast.

Once I had the body and hair painted I repainted the eye. I tried to follow the molded shape of the eyes and gave our girl lavender irises. Now came the hard part, everything up this point was easy compared to painting a teeny tiny dragon. I practiced a few times on scrap paper so I could give myself an idea of the general shape. I had used tiny paint brushes for the body but I needed something that was smaller and more rigid so I ended up “painting” with a toothpick. It took a few tried but it turned out okay.

Painted by Jennifer Miner

Now, our pony looked pretty complete at this point but you could see the lumpiness of the glitter under the paint. So, I decided to glitter over the glitter. I used tacky craft glue and glitter. I painted the glue on the main and tail and then sprinkled the glitter over the wet glue. My motto might be, “MORE GLITTER.” Our little girl did need more glitter, once the glue had dried I added another coat. I loved how she looked at this point. She really looked like all the other ponies. Sucess! I decided to seal her up using a satin sealer. This was a mistake. I got glitter transfer and the sealant was a little cloudy and showed brush marks. It wasn’t terrible but I will try a different product next time, maybe a spray sealant. “What, next time?” I hear you asking. Yes, my art director/client has requested another pony. She even made me a handy sketch so that it can be made to her very exacting specifications.

Next Pony order

Yes, those are schematic for a Peep Pony. Work will not begin until a suitable body to be repainted. Please note the directions for glitter. Glitter runs through our veins.