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Bling Flamingos!

As we are winding down our summer we have been trying to squeeze a few special days and projects in.  Last week we did glass fusing, which was a blast. I think I might be hooked. This sparked a whole interest in glass work in general; stain glass, mosaics, and fused glass. Then there was a moment when the little person was looking at Pinterest with me and we saw a blinged flamingo. Sold, done this was going to happen.

A Blingo in its natural environment

On Monday, we set out to find our flamingos. I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair at the local party store. We had some gems left over from previous projects but decided that we needed more. In the end, we actually ended up getting two boxes of acrylic gems in addition to what we already had on hand. Thus the Blingos, Rhinegos, Flaminglows, Bling Flamingos were born.

This Blingo is after the tomatoes

The boxes of gems we purchased came with more than one color so we had to sort or gems before we could glue them. I would say that it took about four sessions with dry time between to finish my flamingo. I started with E6000 but reading the back of the tube freaked me out, the warnings have gotten more serious since I had purchased a tube. We picked up some outdoor silicon and that worked like a charm. We worked outside and the silicone was nearly odor free with the breeze. I thought about grouting my flamingo but decided that might be overkill, although I always reserve the right to change my mind.

I love our Blingos, and I think that they look fantastically kitschy! These bedazzled birds were a great mother/daughter project. These were easy and you are rewarded with instant shimmer and shine.

A little adhesive and a lot of rhinestones

You have about 30 minutes working time with the adhesive so I would gloop out a bit in the area I was working then add me presorted gems. I found that if I laid out my gems flat side down and then used a Pick-Me-Up/Quickstik I could work pretty quickly.

TheBlingos should hold up to the weather, we hope, but I might bring them in before it snows.

Lots of sparkle!
End of the summer mother/daughter project

I loved this project! this was a pretty easy project, so don’t be afraid and bling up a flamboyance of flamingos yourself. (That is really what a group of flamingos is called, and it is awesome). Every time I let the dogs out these little guys bring a smile to my face.

Enjoy the end of your summer! We are gearing up for the eclipse here. They are saying we should have about 92-93% complete eclipse, we have our glasses and are very excited.

It’s a Blingo

Embellished Saddle Pad

My project today in not a card but a saddle pad I embellished for a friend. Overall, this was a pretty easy process. I started with a black saddle pad, and then created a template on my Silhouette Studio software. When I created the letter I selected a font I liked and then added circles to represent the stones so I would know how many to purchase and also to see how my placement would look. I didn’t have the Designer Edition of the Silhouette Studio at the time so I added them individually. The Designer Edition has an automatic tool that allows you to convert a shape to a rhinestone template. I then cut the template out of light-weight copy paper, this was just the letter and not the rhinestone template. I was able to tape down to the saddle pad to give me a guide. This gave me the flexibility I needed to work around the quilting. I used 4mm Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals in Aurora Borealis (AB) and the BeJeweler tool. The tool is very similar to a wood burning tool and has different attachments for different sizes of rhinestones. I found that the 4mm stones get a little stuck in the end so I keep a toothpick to dislodge them.

My process was to use the tool (hot) to pick up a stone. Then I would hold the tool up where I could see the back of the stone. The adhesive on the back is a tiny little bump and you can see when it melts when it has flattened out. I would the put the stone down where I wanted it. Usually the stone would not come right out. I pulled a few back off when I was figuring this out and they left a little adhesive residue where they had touched the fabric. There is a tiny channel on the attachment where I could stick a toothpick and with very minimal pressure hold the rhinestone down and pull the tool away. I tried using the smaller size of attachment but I found that the rhinestone would fall out when I went to apply it, not good. Hot gem with hot liquid adhesive on the back flying around the room.

Close-up of Embellished Saddle Pad
Close-up of Embellished Saddle Pad
Swarovski Embellished Saddle Pad
Swarovski Embellished Saddle Pad
Swarovski Embellished Saddle Pad
Swarovski Embellished Saddle Pad

Considering the amount of wear the saddle pad gets the stones have stayed on pretty well. It is certainly not an everyday item but it has been very easy to fix the few stones that have fallen off. it is really stunning in the sunlight. If you “bling” a project I always recommend getting a few extra gems to replace any lost stones. I have used E6000 on other projects and may try that on the next pad to see if it is better for keeping the stones in place.