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The Duchess – Toothpick Doll

The newest lady of the court of toothpick people has arrived. We are calling the Duchess because that is as she demands. She is loosely based on Rococo/Baroque styles. I started with the skirt as is my routine and wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish the top until I saw this photo. It has a stomacher that is almost upside-down. I really liked how it looked so I incorporated that into my design. The funny thing is, that this is a photo from an ad campaign for hot dogs. I really wasn’t able to find a more historically valid reference to place the stomacher but since this for a three-inch tall toothpick dol, I decided that it was fine.

The Duchess Toothpick Doll
The Duchess Toothpick Doll

I started with the skirt and built up the “underskirt” with ecru floss to get the basic shape/ The blue floss on the skirt are cut like fringe.

The Duchess Toothpick Doll 2
View from the side

I created her high hair by creating a “ball” of floss and then I worked her hair over that. This is actually very

The Duchess Toothpick Doll 3
Welcome to Court

similar to how they actually create these huge hair sculptures.

The Duchess Toothpick Doll 4
Detail of The Duchess

I am still really working on neatness with my dolls, as I feel like I am still getting glue transfer. I think that this doll is the best, so far, but I have some ideas that I will be trying on my next creation.


The Duchess Toothpick Doll 5
Inspired by Rococo & Barque styles

I love the “lace” on her cuffs and her stomacher.

The Duchess Toothpick Doll 7
Big hair-big fashion
The Duchess Toothpick Doll 7
Big hair-big fashion

I created our tight hair rolls by wetting the floss and then wrapping it around a round toothpick then I left that to dry overnight. The rolls were a little loose when I removed them from the toothpicks so I glued them on my non-stick mat and squished them together before attaching to my doll.

The Duchess Toothpick Doll 8
View from the back
The Duchess Toothpick Doll 9
Three-inch tall toothpick doll by Jennifer Miner

I created the stomacher on my mat then cut it to shape before attaching to the front of the dress. I usually do all of my work directly on the doll but this worked very well since there is still a lot of flexibility once the piece was dry.

The Duchess Toothpick Doll 6
Created with embroidery floss, toothpicks, and glue

This little lady was a lot of fun to create and I used a few new techniques. Thanks for visiting with The Duchess.