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Persian Tiles Crochet Afghan

It is not only finished it has been received, so I can finally share this recent project with you! I made the Persian Tile Afghan for my wonderful cousin and her hubby in the Pacific Northwest. You can obtain the pattern of a kit from the designer Janie Crow (here). It is stunning! The pattern comes as a multi-page booklet in full-color. The only downside was that it was in British terms which means that I had to be a little careful when working it up. I must also crochet with a really tight gauge as I did end up ordering what amounted to two sets of the yarn to get a similar size as the pattern. I just kept going until I ran out of one color and was forced to stop. Totally worth it!

Persian Tile crochet Afghan

I used Stylecraft Special DK to work-up this project, I will admit that I usually use Vanna’s Choice for inexpensive acrylic but this Stylecraft is growing on me. It is a little lighter weight than Vanna’s Choice but sometimes that is just perfect.

Crochet by Jennifer Miner

I, again, sewed in my ends as I went which was good thinking on my part. The row with the shells creates a lot of ends and while I dislike sewing in end, doing 20 at one time is way better than doing 400 at a time!

Persian Tiles Pattern by Janie Crow

I really liked this pattern and it was no big deal to wait for it to arrive from the UK. The yarn shipped from the UK as well but it just takes a little planning.

Snugly crochet

Since I ordered the pattern and yarn Janie Crow has released a new color variation on this, it is gorgeous. I feel it calling to me even now. Want to check it out (here)? They are calling it Eastern Jewels. I must resist as I have way too many projects in the queue, yes still.

Look at those colors!

This was taken after washing and the yarn seems to wash very well. I usually wash projects before they are gifted, I have to get that dog/cat hair off, or at least a little diminished.

Persian Tiles Crochet

I have a few more gifts that have been received and will be sharing those soon! Cheers and have a wonderful New Year!

Fiber Friday – Mexican Crochet Blanket

I was tooling around Pinterest looking for an idea. My plan was to find a project for my aunt for Christmas and I really wanted something a little different. I knew that she would appreciate something a little off the beaten path with a unique style.

Crocheted by Jennifer Miner

Low and behold I came upon this very striking crocheted blanket. It was created by the Dutch crocheter, Karen Groenewoud she calls this pattern the Mexican Blanket. This project had it all – a real fun pattern and really fun colors. I loved it. I ordered the same yarn that she used and got set to work. This blanket is made with Stylecraft Special DK yarn.

Crochet Blanket designed by Karen Groenewoud

Let me say that I loved this yarn and this project. Karen has more information on her blog on the creation so I won’t bother you with that here. She makes beautiful projects and I love her color choices. I had a little trouble with my joining squares but that was just me having issues. I did block this blanket with a steam iron and I think that helped a lot. When I bought my yarn I bought way too much  and I might just have to make another. It was really fun and it is so very cheerful!

Up close Granny Square with attitude
Love those tassels

Just a quick word on the Stylecraft DK, this yarn is awesome. It is very inexpensive acrylic but it is really soft and so very easy to work with. The majority of my projects have been made with Worsted Weight yarn but this yarn might make a convert out of me.

Crocheted by Jennifer Miner

My daughter has a surprise field trip today and I am so very excited to get to chaperone! We are getting to see Beauty and the Beast at our local theater. This has been the hardest secret to keep and I can’t wait to see all their happy little faces today.