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Woodland Baby Shower Menu

Good Afternoon!

When I plan a party I start collecting ideas for decorations and menu and pin these ideas to my Pinterest board I create for that event. I try to create a menu that fits the party and I usually I add a few easy things and a few things I haven’t made before. I like to experiment in the kitchen and parties give me a good excuse to try something new.

For the baby shower I had planned to photograph all the food and have stunning photos to share with you. However, the day before the shower my hand mixer died, in spectacular fashion. To be honest it had been limping along for at least six months. Something was broken inside it and was rattling around in it and it finally worked its way into the motor. Naturally it died right in the middle of mixing the royal icing for the sugar cookies. It jettisoned a blade and the motor started whirring at a high pitch. I wasn’t going to be able to get a new one that day so I asked one of the guests to bring hers which pushed my time table back and left me with no time to get photos. I will try at the next party, so we have no photos but I will link to the recipes I used, where there are awesome photos.

Acorn Candy Cookies – These were very easy and quick to make. I was able to throw these together earlier in the week. I used Almond Hershey’s Kiss versus plain, because they were on sale and just store bought frosting to assemble.


Almond Dip – A few of the guests are vegetarians so I left out the bacon for this recipe, I was also out of green onions so I made it with onion powder instead. Toasting the almonds gave them a great flavor and I served it with Trader Joes Assortment Crackers. I actually made this again without the almonds for Easter and it was a hit.


Blueberry Muffins –I used frozen berries since that was what I had and these were great!


Meringue Mushrooms – Huge impact on these puppies. They were actually way easier then I was expecting. Even though I forgot to add the cocoa powder on top they still looked real. This was another item that I was able to make earlier in the week since they can last a long time.


Lemon Meringue Cupcakes – I made the cupcakes the day before and assembled them the morning of, I didn’t think that the meringue would last 24-hours. Great flavor! The lemon curd was just the right amount of tart.


Amanita Mushroom (Red with White Spots) Cupcakes – So these should have been my easiest project and they ended up being a huge pain. The melted frosting was sticky and made a huge mess and I tried to make my own dots with candy melt which was a disaster, so I ended up using White Sugar Pearls from Wilton. Primarily because I had them on hand. I just used a box mix (shudder) for the cupcakes and store bought frosting. I had thought about adding a cream filling but that got nixed once I discovered how sticky they were. They were sticking to eachother and pulling parts of each other’s cupcake off so there was red frosting and cake stuck to the outside of the tops and sides. People did like them and they were cute I just think that I would do something different next time, maybe a royal icing or a homemade buttercream.


Sugar Cookies –  This is my go-to sugar cookie with royal icing recipe. I do these all the time and this is the best recipe I have found. I picked up some woodland animal cookie cutters at IKEA. They had a bear, fox, moose, snail and hedgehog. I am so sad that I didn’t get a photo of these because they turned out pretty cute. Next time I make these I’ll be sure to get lots of photos. my one suggestion would be that if you are tired when you make these you run the risk of making uni-brow snails, not saying that I did that but it could have happened.


Coffee Cake – Quick and easy. I actually added this last minute. Easy and quick.


Cran-Cherry Almond Scones – I was really happy with how these turned out. They were moist and flavorful. I could only find cran-cherries so I went with that versus the dried cherries suggested in the recipe. I also added an almond glaze on the top.


French Macaroons – This was my very first attempt at making French Macaroons. I made these two days before the party and whipped up a buttercream frosting the morning of for the filling. I had planned to have a coconut buttercream but it just wasn’t happening so I left out the coconut and was pretty happy with the result. It took me four attempts to get these to turn out correctly. I dyed mine teal and they were so cute. I pretty much followed the recipe as written. I am looking at macaroon pans so I could make the size more consistent, but I may try it one more time before making that commitment. I found the almond flour at Trader Joes.


Berry & Feta Salad – Recipe

Ranch Dressing – I am not sure if I missed something in this or if my garlic was just extremely pungent but this was very heavy on the garlic. Still good but way strong. I served this with the veggie tray.


Non-baked items

  • Veggie Tray – carrots, celery, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, snap peas & mushrooms
  • Bagels with cream cheese
  • Quiche (two vegetarian varieties)
  • Greek yogurt with mixed berries & granola
  • Honey Smoked Salmon
  • Mimosa bar – Cranberry, Paradise Blend, & Orange Juices with champagne and sparkling cider

So as I read this I realize just how much food there really was. If you were a normal person you could certainly purchase most of these items or pare it down to be less variety and I think you would still be fine. I always struggle with wanting to start too early and most things just cannot be prepared more then 24 hours in advance, but overall this menu went together pretty well and aside from the hand mixer incident was pretty smooth.

As always, thank you for visiting!





Woodland Baby Shower Decorations

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful day hanging with family, hunting eggs and generally eating too much. I got a chance to hang out with my retired horse Flynn who seems comfortable and happy in his own personal Shangri-La.

I am finally back to covering the Woodland Baby Shower with a few decorations.

Centerpiece Decoration
Centerpiece Decorations

Hanging over our buffet we have a large framed print of Paris. I picked it up from IKEA when we were staging our old house and I love how big it is but it isn’t terribly baby shower friendly. I purchased up a large roll of gold wrapping paper from Tuesday Morning and covered the art. I took the picture down and taped the wrapping paper around the back. Super simple and easy, the wrapping paper cost about $4 and I have most of the roll left for new projects.

Centerpiece Decorations
Centerpiece Decorations

I made the banner next. I cut the pendants with my Silhouette Cameo using paper from DCWV. The paper pack was called “The Green Stack” and I picked it up for 50% off at JoAnns, it is darling and a prefect fit for the theme. I used Sahara Sand card stock from Stampin’ Up as the larger pendant mat. The letters were also cut using the Silhouette and the font is QK Indigo. I just punched hole on each side of the pendants and strung them on a green grosgrain ribbon.

The butterflies were another Silhouette project. I cut sets of butterflies out of white card stock then folded one butterfly in half and adhered it to a flat butterfly using a glue dot. I wasn’t super happy with the hold I got with the glue dot and if I did them again I would use craft glue. I then punched a tiny hole on each wing of the flat butterfly and then threaded the butterflies on a piece of thread. I put a tiny piece of tape on the back of each butterfly to keep it where I wanted it. I taped both the pendant and butterfly garland to the back of the frame.

Next up were the hanging decorations. I was really trying to not go overboard on the decorations but I really could not find tissue paper pom-poms that I liked, so I was forced to make my own. These were very easy and I made all three in about 15 minutes. I started with eight pieces of tissue paper and then accordion folded them in about one inch folds. I use a pipe cleaner to wrap around the middle and make a loop with it to hang it. Then I cut the ends into a roughly round shape. Fluff them up and hanging them. For my daughter’s birthday I made really big pom-poms so these seemed like nothing. The honeycomb is from Target. Since we are in a new house and I didn’t want to put holes in the celling I used a 3M Command Hook to hang this from the celling. I used the utensil hook and it worked perfectly. I just strung everything with spare wrapping ribbon. I hung the pom-poms with different length of ribbon so they don’t end up looking funny.

Close-up of hanging decorations
Close-up of hanging decorations

I had great plans to make a cake stand with a slice of wood but scrapped that as I decided it would become one of those projects that quickly escalates into something out of control. However I had already purchased a Basswood Round. So I decided to make a welcome sign.

Wooden Chalk Board Welcome Sign
Wooden Chalkboard Welcome Sign

I have been seeing super cute chalkboard projects but hadn’t found a project for this trend until  now. I painted the oval with chalkboard paint (two coats) and used a chalk marker. I cut a stencil with my Silhouette using vinyl. The font is Brody and I welded the word in the software so it would look handwritten. The marker bled under the stencil but it was still better than I could have done freehand. I just went back over the edges once the first coat had dried, so it was a little fatter in the end but I am still happy with the result. The sign was pretty naked at this point so I added a few butterflies, but it was still too plain. I made the Dogwood flowers with my trusty McGill punches. I used the Dogwood, Sun, and Birch Leaf punches. I added two eye-hooks to the back and tied on the ribbon which I had in my stash. Theoretically I should be able to wipe off the “Welcome” and make it say something else.

Rustic Chalkboard Sign
Rustic Chalkboard Sign


Close-up of paper Dogwood on Welcome Sign
Close-up of paper Dogwood on Welcome Sign

The last decoration today will be the table tents. These are totally an extra but for me they serve two functions; one they tell people what the food is and two they keep me from forgetting something. Oh, and three they add color to the serving area.

'Cause the people need to know what they are eating. Mostly it kept me from forgetting something.
‘Cause the people need to know what they are eating. Mostly it kept me from forgetting something.

These were made with Sahara Sand card stock and the DP from the pack I bought to do the pendant. I have used the pen feature on my Silhouette before but I wasn’t super successful and I had only used the Sketch Pens. I decided that I would try out my new pen holder for these and I loved the result. I have terrible handwriting and no matter how often I practice I just cannot make things look nice. I used a Fine Sharpie Pen and the pen holder. The font is  Amy Lou, it can be purchased through the Silhouette Store and is a “Sketch” font. When I am getting set-up I put these tents in the dish or in the area where the food item will go. That way if I have an extra I’ll know I’ve forgotten something. When things get down to the wire I need all the help I can get and it does help me visualize how things will get laid out.

Wow – that turned out to be a pretty beefy post! I will be sharing the menu soon. Thank you for stopping by!

Butterfly Lantern

For the Baby Shower I made a few decorations. I was really trying to keep thing mellow but once I get cranking it is hard to stop. I was scouring the internet for ideas and found some beautiful paper lanterns that had been embellished with paper butterflies. Well, you can guess that my response was, “I can make that.” I bought two medium sized paper lanterns from Target for $3 a piece. I cut what felt like a million butterflies from various cardstock I had in my paper stash using my Silhouette Cameo. I used the Nested Butterfly shape from the Silhouette  Store and six different colors of paper. I made two sizes of butterflies one just over two inches wide and one just under two inches wide. I folded each butterfly in half and then glued them on. I used Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive and held each butterfly in place to the count of 10. Because the lantern paper is so thin it took no time for the glue to hold the butterflies in place. They are still hanging and he haven’t lost a single butterfly.

Butterfly Lantern hanging from dinning room light
Butterfly Lantern hanging from dinning room light

I added four butterflies on transparent thread to the bottom of one of the lanterns. To hang the additional butterflies I used a glue dot and sandwiched the thread between two folded butterflies and then tied the thread to the metal piece that hold the lantern open. I thought about punching a tiny hole to get a more accurate placement but think that the tying worked just fine.  I made entirely too many butterflies so I may have to find another project for them. When I was gluing on my butterflies I tapped the lanterns to my OTT floor lamp arm so they wouldn’t roll away.

Dinning room lantern, another angle
Dinning room lantern, another angle
Back-side of the Butterfly Lantern
Back-side of the Butterfly Lantern

My daughter is pushing to have the decorations left up indefinitely but I may just see if she’ll go for a lantern in her room.

Entryway Butterfly Lantern. With additional hanging butterflies
Entryway Butterfly Lantern. With additional hanging butterflies
Entryway lantern close-up
Entryway lantern close-up.

I love how the lantern hanging in the entryway looked with the light on. It is hanging from a flush mount fixture. Again, an easy project with big impact!

Baby Shower Gifts

I am going to share the gifts I made for my friend’s twins. In addition to card making and paper crafts I also knit and crochet. When I was about 14 my mom worked a deal with the little older ladies that worked in a yarn shop in Downtown Colorado Springs. I would take the city bus to the yarn shop and they taught me how to knit. I picked a project, a hot pink and black stripped mohair sweater. I never finished the sweater but I did discover a love of fiber crafts. I remember the women being very patient and pretty saucy. It is a great memory. A few years after this I taught myself to crochet. I have found that most people do one or the other but I still do both and hope it is something I can teach my daughter.

I knit two baby blankets for the twins using Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn and an “M” hook. Once I decided on a pattern they were pretty quick and easy. I really liked the way the yarn felt but it was a little hard to work with. I had trouble holding on to my project and it would slip out of my hands but since this was crochet it was pretty forgiving. For the baby boy blanket I used eight skeins of Fresh Start and one of White for the border. For the little girl blanket I use nine skeins of Pink/Blue and one White. They are the same size so I have no idea why it took one more skein for the Pink/Blue blanket but there you are. I used a very simple pattern that can be found here. I added a simple double chain border in white, adding three double chains in the corners. Super easy and the yarn makes it something special.

Baby Blankets 1

Baby Blankets 2

Baby Blankets 3

Baby Blankets 4

When I was doing my baby shower research I came across a few really cute twin onesies. I mentioned one of the silly ones to my husband who demanded ( okay, just suggested) that I make them for the babies. So, I broke out my trusty Silhouette Cameo and heat transfer vinyl and the following were created.

Dude Where's My Car inspired onesies.
Dude Where’s My Car inspired onesies.

I give you the “Dude Where’s My Car?” inspired onesies. The font is QK Indigo and the heat transfer vinyl is from Silhouette America. They took such a small piece of vinyl that I actually used my cutting mat and two small leftover scraps.This is a picture of the back of the onesies. These were really simple to whip-up. These were given with the understanding that they were really from my husband.

More baby shower to come!

Woodland Baby Shower Favors

Good Evening!

I hosted a baby shower yesterday for a good friend who is expecting twins! We had a great turn-out and packed our house. All of the guests are fellow riders and we all know each other pretty  well.  Other than nearly slicing off the tip of my middle finger off with a mandolin it was a great party. Lots of work but a really nice time.

Since one baby is a boy and one a girl I needed a gender-neutral theme. I went with a Woodland baby shower but I did get some ideas from fairy themed parties. I love Pinterest and I found a lot of great ideas there. Generally when I start a project like this I start a new board and just pin away. I like having a central location where I can keep my inspiration. Of course, you can’t do everything you see but it gives me a place to start.

Tonight, I am going to share the favors I made of the party. I wanted to make something personal and memorable. True soap making starts with lye and is pretty intense, this is not the type of soap making I get involved in. With pets and an almost five-year old daughter running around I try and stay away from things that are caustic. I purchased three packages of goat’s milk soap base which made 24 bars of soap. I only purchased one mold which made fours bars at a time so I made the soap in small batches. In hindsight, I really should have bought at least one more mold so I could do eight at a time because it took a full day to make the soap four at a time. I also ended up having to make four additional favors when I thought that I was done because we had some late RSVPs. You cannot remove the soap from the mold until it is totally cool which took close to two hours. I mangled a few bars trying to remove them too early.Once you gradually melt the soap you add the scent and colorant, then pour it into the molds. I had purchase colorant that said it was purple but actually turned out more pink. I had made soap before and found some old soap dye that was red and blue in my stash which allowed my to have more control the color. So, half were a little more pink and the other half were a really nice lavender color.

Once I made the soap I packaged each in a plastic bag added a wired burlap and lace ribbon and a small 1/8 ribbon over that. Each soap was then placed in a small brown bag that was topped with a tiny clothespin embellished with a small sunflower. I added tags that I stamped with a fox stamp and tied with baker’s twine. The tags were cut with my Silhouette Cameo, I also added a little eyelet to each. I thought that they turned out pretty cute and the guests seemed to appreciate them.

In progress photo of the favors for the Woodland Baby Shower
In progress photo of the favors for the Woodland Baby Shower
The final product
The final product

If you make these ahead of time they weren’t too bad on the time and cost front. If you were running out of time you could easily put purchased soap or another small item in the bag.  I bought the paper bags, clothespins, ribbon and sunflowers 50% off which helped a lot on the cost. The little sunflowers are on stickers, the adhesive wasn’t great and some of the adhesive disks stuck to the sheet when I tried to pull them off and those I just glued on. The eyelets, baker’s twine, 1/8 ” ribbon, plastic bags and paper for the tags all came from my stash. The fox stamp was from Michaels and was stamped with Pumpkin Pie ink from Stampin’ Up, the “Thanks” is from Papertrey Ink’s Mixed Messages.

I have lots more to share from the party! I’ll admit that I haven’t taken the decorations down yet but maybe tomorrow. 🙂

Good night all!