Deer with Plaid Christmas Card

So, I know that we are way past Christmas but maybe you are planning for next year or need a deer themed card. So, I won’t wait to show you our card from Christmas 2017.  I was very inspired by this card. I just love the deer die from Simon Says Stamp and the plaid paper from Lawn Fawn.

Created with Simon Says Stamp Deer Die & Lawn Fawn Plaid

Like, I am sure many of you, I have a tight craft budget and try to maximize my purchases. I also try to only buy dies if I believe that I will use them more than once. So, while I was very tempted to buy all of the products used on this card I wasn’t sure that I would use the wording or pine branches dies enough to warrant the expense. So, I went for cute paper and the deer. Simon Says Stamp has a whole like of these storybook dies and they are so cute! I have already purchased the French Bulldog but he may need some more friends.

I started with the deer since I was making around 30 cards I knew that this would be the most time-consuming part. I cut out all my “parts” and started coloring with my Copic markers. This took a bit of time to cut and color. To make assembly easier I glued the main parts to a scrap of paper and cut around. This just makes life so much easier. I did not do this with the antlers as that would have been too crazy, even for me.


Once I had colored the scarves I added detail with a white gel pen. I loved how that detail worked on my card inspiration. In the sample, Debby used woodgrain paper, which I did not have so I stamped a wood background using the Stampin’ Up Hardwood background stamp and Antique Linen Distress Ink.  I also cut out an oval versus a circle.

Deer with Plaid Christmas Card

To create the holly wreath, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the holly leaves from dark green paper. I glued all my parts to a piece of Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid paper. This paper came in a pack that had a variety of coordinating plaids so there were a few different backgrounds. I added glitter on the antlers and holly. I also added little dots of enamel for the berries. My last step was to add the sentiment. I loved the Fa La La from the sample but I just couldn’t get it right on the Silhouette so I went for “Joy.”

The “Joy” was cut out using a retired alphabet die from QuicKutz called Vixen. I added some silver Stickles once the letters were in place. This is where I have to tell you that I enlisted the help of my husband and he did the letter glittering. I was able to get these out on time this year.!


My Little Pony Repaint

There are times that we get up to unusual things around these parts. Over Winter break my kiddo was watching a video where a woman painted a tiny My Little Pony, naturally, she asked if we could do it. I said “Yes,” really think that she wouldn’t want to lose a pony from her collection but I was wrong. I told her I would try but that I made no promises.

My Little Pony RepaintAbout a million years ago, or perhaps more like 15, I was into customising model horses. It is a really neat hobby and the best artist are amazing. Well, life got busy and I didn’t have time for it so I set it aside,  for the time being, (hint, hint) but this little project reminded me of my time as a model horse customizer. It was fun, but man those tiny cutie marks are a beast. Here she is, just in case you couldn’t tell, her cutie mark is a dragon. Becuase, of course, a 1/8th-inch dragon would be easy.

Custom MLP

These little figures are sold in Blind Bags, which means you don’t know which pony you are getting before you open it. We chose a duplicate pony. Normally I would have stripped off paint and glitter but I understand that the hard plastic doesn’t do well with acetone and you can just paint over the existing paint and glitter, which we did. I used inexpensive craft paints and got to work. It took about four coats of the body and hair color to get the lines clear. The nice thing about acrylic paint is that it dries very fast.

Once I had the body and hair painted I repainted the eye. I tried to follow the molded shape of the eyes and gave our girl lavender irises. Now came the hard part, everything up this point was easy compared to painting a teeny tiny dragon. I practiced a few times on scrap paper so I could give myself an idea of the general shape. I had used tiny paint brushes for the body but I needed something that was smaller and more rigid so I ended up “painting” with a toothpick. It took a few tried but it turned out okay.

Painted by Jennifer Miner

Now, our pony looked pretty complete at this point but you could see the lumpiness of the glitter under the paint. So, I decided to glitter over the glitter. I used tacky craft glue and glitter. I painted the glue on the main and tail and then sprinkled the glitter over the wet glue. My motto might be, “MORE GLITTER.” Our little girl did need more glitter, once the glue had dried I added another coat. I loved how she looked at this point. She really looked like all the other ponies. Sucess! I decided to seal her up using a satin sealer. This was a mistake. I got glitter transfer and the sealant was a little cloudy and showed brush marks. It wasn’t terrible but I will try a different product next time, maybe a spray sealant. “What, next time?” I hear you asking. Yes, my art director/client has requested another pony. She even made me a handy sketch so that it can be made to her very exacting specifications.

Next Pony order

Yes, those are schematic for a Peep Pony. Work will not begin until a suitable body to be repainted. Please note the directions for glitter. Glitter runs through our veins.


Knit Blanket – Super Bulky Yarn

As we are cruising into 2018, I am bringing you the end of my Christmas presents. I made five afghans/blankets this year and this is the final one. This is the only blanket that was knit! This blanket uses Bernat Blanket Yarn which is a Super Bulky yarn which was also a little out of my wheelhouse. I loved working with this yarn, it is so soft. I also really like how the colors worked up on it.

Thick and so very soft

I used a very basic stitch:

Row One: Purl 3 stitches, Knit to last three and Purl last 3

Row 2: Knit 3 St, Purl to last three stitches and Knit last 3 stitches

Repeat rows one and two until blanket is desired length.

This pattern keeps those edges from curling.

Look at all that smoochy goodness

This was perfect for working on when my kiddo was in dance class. I could carry on a conversation and not make a mistake. This is always a plus for me. People really responded to this blanket, tons of adults and kiddos just had to touch it. It is so soft. The yarn can be a little tough to work with as the blanket got heavier but nothing that would keep me from working with it again. In fact, I have been eyeing the yarn sales . . .  I say this knowing that I have two afghans ready to work. Perhaps I should complete those first.

Easy knit blanket with Bernat Blanket Yarn

Anyway, I loved this blanket and it would be a great beginner project.  I did try out something a little more complicated and I felt like the yarn and color sort of ate the pattern. Becuase of the thickness the pattern didn’t really show up and it was hard to see the stitches.

Knit blanket featuring Bernat yarn

I hope that you all had a wonderful New Year and that you are rocking those projects.

Knit Blanket – Super Bulky Yarn

Persian Tiles Crochet Afghan

It is not only finished it has been received, so I can finally share this recent project with you! I made the Persian Tile Afghan for my wonderful cousin and her hubby in the Pacific Northwest. You can obtain the pattern of a kit from the designer Janie Crow (here). It is stunning! The pattern comes as a multi-page booklet in full-color. The only downside was that it was in British terms which means that I had to be a little careful when working it up. I must also crochet with a really tight gauge as I did end up ordering what amounted to two sets of the yarn to get a similar size as the pattern. I just kept going until I ran out of one color and was forced to stop. Totally worth it!

Persian Tile crochet Afghan

I used Stylecraft Special DK to work-up this project, I will admit that I usually use Vanna’s Choice for inexpensive acrylic but this Stylecraft is growing on me. It is a little lighter weight than Vanna’s Choice but sometimes that is just perfect.

Crochet by Jennifer Miner

I, again, sewed in my ends as I went which was good thinking on my part. The row with the shells creates a lot of ends and while I dislike sewing in end, doing 20 at one time is way better than doing 400 at a time!

Persian Tiles Pattern by Janie Crow

I really liked this pattern and it was no big deal to wait for it to arrive from the UK. The yarn shipped from the UK as well but it just takes a little planning.

Snugly crochet

Since I ordered the pattern and yarn Janie Crow has released a new color variation on this, it is gorgeous. I feel it calling to me even now. Want to check it out (here)? They are calling it Eastern Jewels. I must resist as I have way too many projects in the queue, yes still.

Look at those colors!

This was taken after washing and the yarn seems to wash very well. I usually wash projects before they are gifted, I have to get that dog/cat hair off, or at least a little diminished.

Persian Tiles Crochet

I have a few more gifts that have been received and will be sharing those soon! Cheers and have a wonderful New Year!

Harry Potter – Books from the Library

It is time for more Harry Potter! Clearly, this has become a “thing” for me. I created these two Harry Potter textbooks for our Harry Potter Trunk-or-Treat.  I popped them in the cauldron I had made for the Harry Potter party. Becuase we had the whole Trunk-or-Treat props to create, I was working on a tight deadline and so I will have to confess that I really didn’t write down supplies and tools I used to create these. That just adds to the mystery, right? However, if you have a specific question about how I created something just drop me a line. Without further ado, we enter the Hogwarts Library.

Straight from the Hogwarts library

Both books started life as blank journals. I found the larger book at a discount store and the smaller book came from my local craft store.

Dragons – created by Jennifer Miner

The Dragon book was referenced in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Hagrid borrowed a copy from the Hogwarts Library to learn about a dragon egg he had acquired.

I started by creating the dragon scales using a stencil and dimensional paste. I used a variety of products to get the color correct. Some paint, a little mist and finally a little Distress Stickles.

Harry Potter Inspired Textbook

Next came the “leather” portion. For this, I used heavy cardstock and more paint with a little stamping on top. Then I applied a little vaseline in a few areas and painted over the whole thing with a few shades of brown acrylic paint. I then tore the corners and adhered it to the front. I also distressed my edges to add to the whole feel.

Detail on the Dragons book

I added the corner details which were created using chipboard accents colored using Prima Marketing’s Patina kit.

More up close detail

Next, I started on the title. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the lettering from white cardstock and then I attacked it with all of my distress metallic supplies. I made two accent bands using a variety of tools and techniques.

Dragons: Breeding for Pleasure and Profit created by Jennifer Miner
To create the subheading I used my printer the wording and then I used carbon paper to transfer the words to my cardstock. I then tracked over the wording with a Sharpie pen. I knew I wouldn’t be able to recreate this on my own.
Book created by Jennifer Miner

I used a ton of different distress techniques on the book and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

Harry Potter Inspired Books handmade by Jennifer Miner

Now on to the smaller Quidditch book. The snitch in the center was created with polymer clay and gilding wax. The wings are from Tim Holtz and were colored with Pearl Alcohol Ink Metallic Mixitive. The title and shield and title were cut using my Silhouette Cameo.

Title Close-up

I used Distress Inks, paint, Crackle Paint, stain, sprays on the cover to create the work look. I also stamped a large compass to add to the effect.

Quidditch: A Complete History

I used metallic corners that I used the Patina Medium on for the corners.

Not your average library book

The metal ribbon holder and title frame are from Stampin’ Up! They are really old and have been hiding in one of my drawers for ages.

Created by Jennifer Miner

I also added metallic nailhead rhinestones and gems for just a little bling, I really love the colors on this book cover.

Inspired by Harry Potter. Quidditch book

IThe larger decorative strip is a piece of faux leather fabric leftover from my Brave costume.

Quidditch: A Complete History

I hope you enjoyed seeing my books as I had a blast experimenting and creating these. I wasn’t trying to make them match but I guess I tend to go for similar colors.

Created by Jennifer Miner

As always, thanks for popping by and checking out the latest Harry Potter addition.

Harry Potter Trunk-or-Treat

Halloween was over a month ago, but I am sure that you all are thinking about next year already! Okay maybe not but between getting this post ready and my Halloween Lantern Village in progress things are this weird mix of Halloween and Christmas around here. Hopefully, you too will get the all-year Halloween bug with our Harry Potter Trunk-or-Treat.

Now, let me start by describing what a Trunk-or-Treat is, just in case you are unfamiliar. In our area, most Trunk-or-Treats are hosted by churches. Basically, you go to the parking lot and decorate your car, more specifically your trunk or in our case the bed of our truck. Then the kiddos come around and collect the candy.  This year’s event had about 30 participants, each class has a representative. Since I was not sewing Little Misses costume this year I had some spare Halloween energy just floating around. I knew it had to be cool and big and Harry Potter themed.

Harry Potter Trunk-or-Treat

This was our entry! My husband wore his Harry Potter robe. I dressed as McGonnagal, our other parent volunteer came as Rita Skeeter, and we picked up a spare Bellatrix Lestrange from the front office. We built our castle using 2x4s and plywood. I had my in-house engineer (aka the husband)  help me with the design and build. The wall is about 7 feet tall and fits right about the tailgate and comes in two pieces, which were joined on-site. Next, I skinned the wall with insulation foam. This comes in large sheets at the hardware store. Once the walls were covered with the foam I used my Dremel-like tool to carve in the stones. Once that was done. I then heat the foam with my paint stripping gun (hot!). This causes the foam to contract where it has been carved and gives it a more authentic look.


At this point, I really should have covered my walls with monster mud but I was afraid to add to much weight, so I just used craft acrylic to paint my walls. I used a sea sponge to get the stone look. I used a beige color for the mortar and three shades of gray on the blocks. This took awhile, mostly because I had to keep running to the store to buy more.

In-Progress – Wall with the foam carved and heated

I create the “Hogwarts” sign with more foam and a lot of carving with the Dremel. I printed out a guide that I traced onto the foam to use as a guide. Then carved around the letters. I then hit is with the heat gun before adding the Monter Mud. This gave the piece a lot of strength and didn’t seem to add too much weight.  I painted it to match my wall.

I cut a Hogwarts silhouette out of plywood for the bed of the truck. We used fabric stapled to the top of the wall to give the whole thing some depth. We also added a background made from 2x4s and plywood behind the castle silhouette. I bought a fancy light projector that I shone on the background, this was supposed to look like it was behind the castle but it was too bright out so it was a little less than I had hoped for.

Plywood Silhouette
In-Progress Testing

We drug out all the Harry Potter Party props that we could lay our hands on, really it was everything that I could fit in the truck. We bought:

  • 2-cauldrons
  • Directional Signposts
  • Giant Spider
  • Trunk
  • Caged Pixies
  • Hedwig
  • Snape Cut-out
  • Sorting Hat
  • Fawkes
  • House Banners
  • Signs
  • Snitch
  • Rats
  • Potions
  • New Harry Potter Textbooks
  • Smoke Machine
  • Monster Book of Monsters
  • Gryffindor Scarf
  • Bertie Bots & Chocolate Frog Boxes

I also loaded the soundtrack to my phone and played it through a Bluetooth speaker. This was so much fun! The Hubbs would like the castle to find a new home but I really would like to keep it for down the road, I guess we’ll see. Hopefully, this will inspire you to create your own Trunk-or-Treat.

Back again!

Howdy Readers –

So, it seems as if my life ate a whole month of my life. It sounds strange and maybe I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who but I could swear it hasn’t been a month since I posted last. Alas, here I look and it has between illness, holidays, and general life craziness I have completely neglected my blog. Sad days, lucky me it isn’t a plant of something alive.

I have been working on the ridiculous Afghan situation and I am happy to report that I have finally completed #4 of the 5 I need to get finished before Christmas. I really can’t show you a whole photo of it since the person who will be receiving it visits here. I will give you a tiny sneak peak. Once it has made its way to the recipient I will post a full host of photos here.

December Afghan – Sneak Peek

While I was engaging in my favorite non-active pastime, ie Pinterest I came across the most amazing Tim Holtz Halloween Village in a Lantern. Seriously, check this baby out. Naturally, I decided that I needed to create my own. Thus commenced a crazy search for a large metal lantern. I was lucky enough to track one down the week before Halloween that has spiderweb details, lights and a motor that will spin a witch or bats. This was originally a pretty pricey lantern, $70 but it was 70% off and I had another 15% off coupon – a steal for $18!!

My Halloween village will have three houses and has actually been coming around great. I wish that I had thought about this earlier because I am sure I could have found some bargains on Halloween miniatures. I am debating showing it to you in-progress or just waiting until it is done. Right now I am leaning toward waiting but I may change my mind so keep an eye out.

We will be starting our Christmas cards and possibly holiday cookies around here soon so more to come on that and we went a little crazy with our Hary Potter Themed Trunk-or-Treat including some custom magic books. I will share the books and more photos in the next post.

Basically, what I am saying here is I haven’t forgotten you and while my online presence has been pretty quiet thinks have been brewing here. More soon!!

Sophie’s Universe Afghan

Progress – Completed!!

Agh, it felt like this was never going to be done and at the same time, I kept wanting it to be bigger! This amazing afghan comes from Look At What I Made and it is stunning. This was originally a CAL from 2015 and judging by the number of versions of this puppy over at Ravelry a huge hit. I went with inexpensive Red Heart Super Saver and Red Heart With Love for this afghan. I will admit that other than the hedgehogs I made, this is the first project I have made with Red Heart.

Crochet Afghan – Sophie’s Choice in Red Heart Super Saver and With Love
More corners

Red Heart Super Saver doesn’t have the best feel in your hands but honestly, it is impossible to beat for the price. I bought most of mine simply ages ago on a one day 33% off sale. Seriously that made each skein just over $2 US.

Sophie’s Universe in Red Heart Super Saver
Finally to the edge

I really liked this pattern, although it was massive and a little slow going. Per usual, I had to set it aside for more pressing projects. I have one confession, in my dotage (wink) I have been really trying to be correct with my projects. That means that I am going a little slower to try and avoid mistakes and that when one creeps into my work, I go back and fix it. Having said that, in the last few rows you are doing a ton of stitches and I noticed that I had made a mistake in the row with the diamonds. Of course, I had already completed not only that row but the two and a half rows following. The prospect of redoing of 1,000 stitches was simply too much so I left it. If anyone asks I am doing that Amish thing where you intentionally make a mistake. Yep, going with that.

My favorite part of this afghan – the big flower
Sophie’s Center

I did not add the square blocks. I was just afraid that it would involve purchasing more yarn and I am really trying to not purchase any additional yarn this year.

Sophie’s Choice Folded
Love these little crochet roses

I have listed all of the colors that I used in this project by row. All colors are Red Heart Super Saver with the exception of Lettuce and Boysenberry which are Red Heart With Love. I used one skein of each color with the exception of Real Teal and Medium Purple but there were varying amounts of yarn left. I had very little Aran but a fair bit left in a few other colors.

Just in time for winter
Corner Flower on Sophie’s Universe
Part 1

Row 1: Lemon Yellow

Row 2: Perfect Pink

Row 3: Rouge

Row 4: Turquoise

Row 5: Boysenberry (With Love)

Row 6: Lemon Yellow

Row 7: Turquoise

Row 8: Dark Orchid

Crochet Afghan by Jennifer Miner


Part 2

Row 9: Rouge

Row 10: Real Teal

Row 11: Blue Suede

Row 12: Blue Suede

Row 13: Blue Suede

Row 14: turquoise

Row 15: Lavender

Part 3

Row 16: Dark Orchid

Row 17: Lemon Yellow

Row 18: Perfect Pink

Row 19: Pale Plum

Row 20: Boysenberry

Row 21: Soft Navy

Row 22: Turquoise

Row 23: Jade

Row 24: Real Teal

Row 25: Lettuce

Part 4

Row 26: Lemon Yellow

Row 27: Lavender

Row 28: Jade

Row 29: Rouge

Row 30: Dark Orchid

Row 31: Lavender

Row 32: Turquoise

Row 33: Real Teal

Row 34: Lemon Yellow

Row 35: Boysenberry

Row 36: Pale Plum

Optional Petals:  Perfect Pink

Part 5

Row 37: Soft Navy

Row 38: Jade

Row 39: Rouge

Row 40: Lavender

Row 41: Dark Orchid

Row 42: Real Teal

Row 43: Lettuce

Row 44: Turquoise

Row 45: Blue Suede

These are happy flowers
Part 6

Row 46: Pale Plum

Row 47: Boysenberry

Row 48: Jade

Row 49: Soft Navy

Row 50: Perfect Pink

Row 51: Rouge

Row 52: Pale Plum

Row 53: Medium Purple

Part 7

Row 54: Dark Orchid

Row 55: Lavender

Row 56: Boysenberry

Row 57: Aran

Row 58: Jade

Row 59: Rouge

Row 60:  Lavender

Row 61: Turquoise

Part 8

Row 62: Pale Plum

Row 63: Medium Purple

Row 64: Dark Orchid

Row 65: Lettuce

Row 66: Lemon Yellow

Row 67: Turquoise

Row 68: Turquoise

Part 9

Row 69: Pale Plum

Row 70: Soft Navy

Row 71: Real Teal

Row 72: Aran

Row 73: Lavender

Row 74: Blue Suede

Part 10

Row 75: Perfect Pink

Row 76: Rouge

Row 77: Turquoise

Row 78: Pale Plum

Row 79: Dark Orchid

Row 80: Blue Suede

What I imagine Sophie will look in 100 years
Part 11

Row 81: Jade

Row 82: Lemon Yellow

Row 83: Jade

Row 84: Boysenberry

Part 12

Row 85: Pale Plum

Row 86: Perfect Pink

Row 87: Aran

Row 88: Lemon Yellow

Part 13

Row 89: Blue Suede

Row 90: Turquoise

Row 91: Soft Navy

Row 92: Soft Navy

Part 14

Row 93: Soft Navy

Row 94: Soft Navy

Row 95: Soft Navy

Row 96: Soft Navy

Row 97: Soft Navy

Part 15

Row 98: Turquoise

Row 99: Real Teal

Row 100: Boysenberry

Row 101: Lavender

Part 16

Row 102: Aran

Row 103: Blue Suede

Row 104: Lettuce

Part 17

Row 105:  Dark Orchid

Row 106: Dark Orchid

Row 107: Aran

Row 108: Dark Orchid

Row 109: Dark Orchid

Part 18

Row 110: Aran

Row 111: Dark Orchid

Row 112: Lettuce

Row 113: Soft Navy

Betty’s Beautiful Border (AKA Part 20)

Row 1: Real Teal

Row 2: Lemon Yellow (I added this SC, C1, repeat row)

Row 3: Medium Purple

Row 4: Jade

Row 5: Rouge

Row 6: Blue Suede

Row 7: Boysenberry

Row 8: Medium Purple

Row 9:  Real Teal

So, I hope that is all of the correct colors. I really tried to track them as I went. I loved this project and it has inspired me to try my hand at the Mandala Madness, once I finish my other projects.

Haunted Manor Purple & Black

We are getting very close to Halloween and you know what that means. . . . tiny haunted houses! I have been going a little crazy over the Tim Holtz Halloween Houses, again. If you haven’t seen Lucy’s work over at her blog With Glue and Glitter you are missing out.  I was heavily influenced by her amazing work. Loved this house she made that had a teal roof, make take on it has a purple roof. I loved how makes bases for her houses and so I gave that a whirl too.

Haunted Manor

As with my other two houses (here) and (here), I used the Tim Holtz Dies as my starting place. I used the Village Dwelling, Village Manor, and Village Rooftops.

Haunted Manor – Front View

I started by cutting my bases out of heavyweight cardstock. Then I began creating my siding by spritzing a piece of cardstock with Glimmer Mist and Distress Ink Spray in Autumn Nights and Black Soot. Once dry I then cut the cardstock into thin strips and applied a little white chalk ink to the edges. This is not an exact science, I ended up making several batches of siding and so there was a little variation in color but I think that this adds to the overall weathered look of the house.

Side View

For the roof, I cut the pieces out first and the sprayed with Fully Purple Glimmer Mist and then edged with Black Soot Distress Ink. The window frames were created in the same manner.

Tiny Door

To create the door I stamped a copy of the door with the Woodgrain Stamp from Stampin’ Up and then added color with Distress Inks. I colored a few thin strips of cardstock with Distress Stain and added a little Distress Embossing Powder, then attached to the house. The doorknobs are tiny brads. I was really happy to find these little guys.

View from the back

Each window and the front door have a small piece of acetate behind. I just used scraps I had lying around and colored them with alcohol ink in Butterscotch.

Additional roof edging

I added trim pieces on the roofline using the front trim piece as a guide for the angle and then coloring in the same manner as the roof. My edges were a little rough and this certainly smartened up the whole house.

Base with the battery operated candle

The base was created in the manner that Lucy has described over on her blog (here). I used smaller layers between mine (little strips of cardboard) to give it a little more height without a full piece of cardboard. In addition, I also added a little hole in the center to hold my battery operated light. Once the cardboard was dry I added about three coats of tissue paper adhered with glue. I left that to dry overnight. In the morning I gave it a few coats of grey and black acrylic paint.  I painted a few fence lengths and glued them to my base.

Base without the candle

I feel like my house might be a little plain and so there may be an addition or two down the road, i.e. polymer clay pumpkins or a ghost. For now, this little house sits ready for Halloween. I really would love to get another house done before Halloween but I am simply buried with projects (in a good way).  Thank you for stopping by and I hope that this inspires you to create your own tiny Halloween Dwelling!

House with the light on

Harry Potter Shadowbox

Welcome! I can’t seem to stay away from Harry Potter, not that I am complaining. Today, I have created a new project for all you Harry Potter fans – a tribute shadowbox. I am considering making these available for sale down the road. I am also working on a teacher appreciation shadow box which should be done soon.

Harry Potter Shadowbox

I created this project using my Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Studio Design Edition Software. I used only white cardstock as my base and then a ton of different tools to create the different looks.

Out of the frame – Harry Potter Shadowbox

I wish I had taken a photo of my desk when I was done, it looked like a craft bomb had gone off. I did my best to write down all of the supplies and I will list those at the end. This was so much fun to create and I had way more ideas than would fit in this 8″x10″ frame. Hedwig is my very favorite.

Harry Potter Initials

I used a lot of misting sprays and embossing powders, distress ink, Glossy Accents and PearlEx powders to pull this Harry Potter Shadowbox together.


I love how the Dobby element turned out. This was cut with my Silhouette Cameo and then the background was misted with a variety of Glimmer Mists from Tattered Angels.

Stag Patronus

I reused the stag shape I created for my Always Painting. The stage and back frame were colored with Distress Stain and the blue mat was colored with more color mists.


Above you can see Hedwig and a glimpse of the wand. Hedwig was my favorite element. I added a little Glossy Accents to her eyes.

Quote with Hogwarts

The Hogwarts quote panel was created with Distress Inks, Pearl Ex Powders and Distress Stain. The Harry panel was also created with Distress Stain, Distress Inks, and Distress Marker. The back mat was created with Embossing Powder. The Deathly Hallows Panel was done with Glimmer Mist and Silver Embossing Powder.

8″x10″ Harry Potter Shadowbox by Jennifer Miner

Overall I am happy with how this latest project turned out. I am looking forward to creating and sharing more! As always, thank you for your time!


Glimmer Mist: Purple Rain, Granite, Jack Frost, Copper, Lavender Fields, Silver Sugar, Oriental Poppy, Penny, Money Bags, Key Lime Pie – Tattered Angels

Heidi Swapp Color Shine: Black Velvet & Teal

Distress Spray: Black Soot & Peacock Feathers – Ranger

Dylusions Ink Spray: Postbox Red & London Blue – Ranger

Perfect Pearls Mist: Perfect Pearl & Bronze – Ranger

Distress Stain: Rusty Hinge, Tea Dye, Vintage Photo, & Walnut Stain – Ranger

Distress Paint: Brushed Pewter – Ranger

Embossing Powder: Gold, Red, & Copper Zing – American Crafts, Copper – My Sentiments Exactly, Sterling SIlver & Clear – Stampin’ Up

Distress Marker: Aged Mahogany – Ranger

Distress Ink: Tea Dye, Vintage Photo, Weathered Wood, Antique Linen, Tumbled Glass, Black Soot, Fired Brick, Salty Ocean, Mermaid Lagoon, & Fossilized Amber – Ranger

Misc: Pearl Ex Powder – True Blue, VersaMark, Industrial Stamp – Stampendous, Glossy Accents – Ranger

Frame – Gunnabo – IKEA